What moms really want for Mother's Day

Motherhood is a tough 24-hour job, no pay, no days-off, most often unappreciated and yet resigning is impossible.
This Mother’s day, I have decided to talk asked 100 Moms to ask them of what they wish to receive on this special day, to at least give back on all the hard work they have done for the family. And here are the Top 10 responses.

1. 30-minute shower: With 38.5°C temperature in the Philippines right now, wouldn’t you want to run in the shower and take a long, relaxing bathe? The scientists believe that when people feel isolated they take hot showers as a form of self-therapy, or self-soothing.

2. Love letter – In this world full of social media – where it is very convenient to greet your Mothers through posts, these Moms said they would still feel your love through the old school, heartfelt love letters.

3. Chocolates – Eating certain types of chocolate in small amounts can be good for you. The cocoa in chocolate contains antioxidants, which are considered “heart healthy”. Because chocolate is also high in calories and fat, it is only a good snack if you have it in small portions. They say you can say “I love you” best with a box of chocolate.

4. Flowers - Studies show that women who have flowers in their rooms are less anxious. The sweet fragrance of the flowers will change a mother’s mood and she will definitely feel better.

5. Shoes and dress – All women are “Imeldific” in nature. I personally love bags and dresses. This will be a perfect Mother’s day gift given you know your Mom’s size.

6. Going to the beach – Summer is on! Nothing beats a perfect relaxation for Mother’s day than a salt air which combats depression and mood disorder. According to research, the sound of the waves changes the wave patterns in our brain comforting us into a deeply relaxing state.

7. ME time (Spa, Massage, Salon) – If your Mom is vain or kikay, then a trip to the best salon or massage parlor will be a perfect gift for her. Have her hair colored, nails done and then end the day with a soothing massage.

8. Lunch/Dinner with family – Money should not be an issue in giving back Mom’s constant effort to make us feel loved. A home-cooked lunch or dinner will be highly appreciated by her. Google some fancy table set-up and surprise your Mom with an exceptional lunch/dinner date.

9. Gift Certificates they can use for Groceries – This is a best gift if your Mother is a practical one. A lot of department stores offer Gift Certificates to which she can use for various purchase.

10. Staycation with family - Not everyone can afford a vacation to a tropical paradise or an exciting destination. For many of us, staycation are what we can afford -- but it turns out they may be exactly what we need. Staycation is a great way to save money, enjoy your time off from work, and avoid the unavoidable stress that goes along with travel. There were a lot of booking applications available these days that offers affordable rates.

Mother has postponed many of her needs and desires in favor of the needs of her children. As a consequence of this sacrifice, she has inculcated sense of character and culture into her children. We can never compensate for the unconditional love and support of our mother, but all we can do is reciprocate our undying love by giving something as distinctive as she is.

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Nhet Mendoza said…
Kung buhay lang ang Nanay ko momsh, isa sa mga ideas dito treat ko talaga sya. Sobrang nakimiss ko sya araw2. Nalulungkot ako dahil di nya ito naranasan nung buhay pa sya. Naiiyak tuloy ako. Hehe
Ang buhay nanay ay nakakapagod pero fulfilling. Kapag makikita mong masaya ang mga anak mo at ang buong pamilya. Hindi ko
Ipagpapalit ang aking role as a nanay.
Ang buhay nanay ay nakakapagod pero fulfilling. Kapag makikita mong masaya ang mga anak mo at ang buong pamilya. Hindi ko
Ipagpapalit ang aking role as a nanay.
jennifer londe said…
How i wish na buhay pa nanay ko mommy isa ito sa gusto kong iregalo sa kanya sana if buhay pa siya ang staycation i miss my nanay so much..Thank you for sharing all this tips mommy malapit na ang mothers day need mag rest pero imppsible talaga yun eh once naging nanay kana lifetime job na yun..
wow mganda pla flower sa room nkka sweet ung amoy nia ❤️❤️❤️
Des Lantin said…
Nag-iiba talaga ang priorities kapag Nanay na. Pero ito yung pinakafulfilling na duty sa lahat. ❤️
Jessica said…
Yes all of this is perfect for mom who gave the best for loved ones!. Lahat ng nanay deserve to!!! 😊❤
Unknown said…
Thanks for sharing momsh.. Deserve po ito ng mga nanay natin

Wow. Sana magawa ko din to sa nanay ko. Sana may budget
Aiza Gregorio said…
Lahat ito deserve ng mga nanay natin.. Gandang mga ideas gift pero gusto kong i gift sa mama ko un staycation. Lagi na lang siya subsub sa trabaho niya sa palengke gusto ko siyang biyan ng pahinga kahit 1day lang makapagrelax siya.. Thanks for this ide momshie 😊
Anonymous said…
I want for my mother yung makapag relax man lang sya, wala na kasi sya time for herself dahil sa sobrng busy nya sa pananahi, pag aasikado at pag aalaga ng mga apo at age of 65 kumakayod pa rin sya para may pambili ng pagkain araw araw at sa iba pang gastusin at nangangailangn para sa mga apo.
Merelle Joy Timoteo said…
Sobrang need ko ng numbers 7 and 10. Mommies would love to have me-time for sure and a short vacation with their family. Perfect gifts talaga to sa atin mga momshies. Sana makatanggap tayo kahit isa this Mother's day.
I'm joining po pala. Thank you for this giveaway
IG: @merelle27
Sa akin ok na ko sa flowers mamsh ., ang importante naman maalala natin sila sa araw ng mga nanay ., ang mga nanay natin hindi naman importante sa kanila yung marangyang regalo mabati at mayakap mo lang sila masaya na sila dahil tayong mga anak minsan ndi na natin napaparamdam sa kanila kung gaano sila kahalaga at kung gaano natin sila kamahal ., the best gift talaga para sa kanila ay yung masabi mo sa kanila araw2x na Mama Mahal na Mahal po kita .. ❤️🥰
Maj Life said…
Bonggang Mothers Day Gift Pack for my mama
At syempre ang makasama namin siya ng mga bata na maicelebrate ang araw ng mga nanay.
Lagi po ako thankful sa knya..
Kasi kung anu man ako today dahil dun sa mama ko. Siya ang Superhero namin. Wala makakatumbas ang pagiging tatay at nanay nia samin simula ng kunin ni papa god si papa nung 8 yr old pa lang kami ng kakambal ko..
Wow the best for me dyan Massage hehe kelngan nating mga nanay yan hehe at syempre Chocolates hehe salamat po sa tips momshie sana nga matreat ko mama ko sa spa massage hehe
Leizl atendido said…
Yan ang hindi ko pa nararanasan.at bilang isang ina at mothers day sana masubukan ko yan..para mkabawas stressed..

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