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TKM Sweet and Sour Pork

One of my daughter's favorite dish is the Sweet and Sour Pork. I also prepare this dish for her school lunch. I like this dish because it has meat and vegetables. This dish becomes family favorite when I added Jolly Pineapple Tidbits.

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TKM's Sweet and Sour Pork by The Kitchen Mom by dhess August-8-2017 So here is the recipe guys. It's my own version.
You can also add pineapple chunks. Ingredients One kilo Pork Sirloin 1/2 teaspoon Ground Black Pepper 1/8 teaspoon Salt1 teaspoon Brown sugar 1 PC ( cut 1 inch ) Green Bell Pepper1 PC ( cut 1 inch ) Red Bell Pepper2 medium size ( diced ) Onions 1 medium size Carrots1/2 cup Del Monte Tomato Catshup2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar2 teaspoon Brown Sugar1 cup Oil 1 teaspoon Lee Kum Lee Soy sauce1 medium Egg1/2 cup cornstarch Cornstarch1 can Jolly Pineapple Tidbits Instructions Marinate pork for 30 minutes.Use a deep fryer or medium size pan . Add oil Dip the marinated pork in the egg then coat it with cornst…

A Yummy Breakfast by Kanto Freestyle in The Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Center

November 26, Saturday.I  attended a cooking class at The Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Centers for TOP EATS featuring the Breakfast All Day of the Kanto Freestyle. It was  raining that day but I really didn't mind,I was so excited to attend the cooking class. It was like a wish granted when I received an invite from a dear friend Ms.Joy Mendiola of Occasions Of Joy . I have been a fan of the The Maya Kitchen since I was in gradeschool. Mom always cook Maya pancakes for breakfast and my daughter also loves it.

I arrived at the venue exactly 1:02 pm. For this class, The Maya Kitchen invited the Kanto Freestyle " Breakfast All Day" to share their recipes and Chef Kris will be the one to do the Cooking Demo

Hot Pandesal with Assorted Spread
Chef Kris taught us how to make Cream Cheese Pimiento Spread  and the Pesto Butter Spread that is really nice for Pandesal and great to serve for breakfast.
Cream Cheese Pimiento Spread is a combination of Cream Cheese ,Roast Bell  Peper, Bu…

Doña Elena Healthy Holiday Recipes and Newest product Doña Elena Tuna in Sunflower Oil

Cooking is my passion. I don't have the proper training or diploma in Culinary Arts but I always make sure to watch cooking demos or attend a free cooking class in our area. Since Holiday season is fast approaching I like to prepare delicious but healthy dishes for my family.
That's why I was so greatful and honored to be invited in The Doña Elena Holiday Bash was held at The Cookery Place in BGC,Taguig.
Doña Elena  products is one of my trusted kitchen buddies,so I'm really excited learn new healthy recipes.

Chef DJ Santos is one of the well-known chef right now.He graduated in a prestigious culinary school here in the Philippines.
Learned from him the proper handling of knife,basic knife skills and ofcoirse the healthy holiday recipes using Doña Elena products

Many people treat the Yuletide season not only as a vacation from work but also a break from healthy living. Who could resist those tempting Noche Buena favorites during this time of celebration with family and fr…


  Who likes Crispy fried liempo here? Raiseyour hand 🙌🙌. I do cook this every               weekend ,yes! you here me right .      This is one of my husband Mikel's                     comfort food.     So maybe some of you might one to cook       this or prepare this for lunch,dinner or         this is even great partner with an ice cold     beer. .hehe

      1/2 kilo liempo        Oil for frying        2 tsp salt        2 tsp pepper        1 tsp oregano        1 tsp thyme        1 tsp of onion powder        3 cups of water        1 big onion ( chopped )        Some spring onions
Procedure: Boil water in a medium pot.
       Add onion,spring onion,salt and  pepper
       Then carefully put the liempo or the              pork belly. 
Let it cooked for about 15 minutes then set aside
        Put cooking oil in a medium skillet or  frying pan. Make sure that the oil is                really hot.
       Then put the pork belly or liempo        Fry until its golden brown and cr…