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Fries Pa More Affordable Snack in a Cup

As a lot of Food Stalls are popping out from left to right and on almost every corner, you might be thinking if how can a new comer into this industry "Stand Out" from their competitors.
Fries Pa More is a locally owned snack- type fast food outlet here in the Philippines. The idea of putting your snack and drinks in one cup is really nice especially if you're hungry but you have a lot of stuff in your hands. With Fries pa More you can enjoy eating fries and drink while walking.  They serve a combination of favorite snacks of Filipino especially the young ones. They serve Belgian Fries with drinks that only cost Php. 39.00. They also have a set of snacks that is surely delicious but budget friendly.

They already have different outlets nationwide and mostly located in crowded places like schools, universities and other locations near you.
They use fresh-cut Belgian Fries and perfectly seasoned with different flavor like Cheese, Barbeque, Pizza, Sour Cream and they also h…


Featuring Picture-on-Wall Design, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, LG OLED TV Delivers Unrivaled Home Cinema Experience

The future of home cinema entertainment has arrived with the introduction of LG Signature OLED TV in the Philippines, via an official launch ceremony at the Ascott, BGC. LG is the pioneer in OLED technology (Organic Light Emitting Diodes). Thanks to OLED, we can now enjoy more vivid visuals like never before. Over the course of the past five years, LG has continually developed a better, more vibrant viewing experience. The result is the LG Signature OLED TV.

There is indeed cause to be excited because the pinnacle of this 5-year continuous improvement is embodied in the sleek 77-inch LG Signature OLED TV, the first LG Signature TV to be made available in the Philippines. LG Signature is the gold standard in design. Behind it is an intuitive, responsive and functional design philosophy that spells sheer elegance in simplicity.

OLED technology makes perfect blacks and per…

Cars 3 Mini Toys and Movie Review

Are you a fan of Lightning McQueen? The red racing car which is popular with most kids. Even me in my 30's I still love watching these characters. My daughter has grown together with Lightning Mcqueen as she already watched Cars 1 and 2  when she was 3-4 years old. When she heard the news that we will be watching and attending the premiere night of  Cars 3, she was really excited and smile was all over her face.

The press conference for the "Cars mini toys" was held at SM Southmall. there were a  lot of Cars mini toys that have been available for purchase. There are games and attendees took home collectible items from Cars 3, It was really a haven for Cars lover. After the mini toy event, we went straight to the cinema to watch Cars 3.

Chelsea was really really excited as the movie stars as she is holding her pop corn, and the smile started to show as she started to watch her favorite red car, Lightning McQueen. the movie was full of surprises and new characters, as Lig…

Run with Your Favorite Pony at My Little Pony Friendship Run

Do you love the cute characters of My Little Pony?
This is your chance to get up close and run together with the
Cheerful and Energetic Pinkie Pie, The intelligent Pony Twilight Sparkle, The fashionista pony Rarity,Rainbow Dashand the honest and down to earth Applejackon September 23,2017 for My Little Pony Friendship Run Manila that's going to be held at SM by the Bay, MOA Complex.

My Little Pony Friendship Run Manila featuring a 500-meter run, 1K, 3 K and 5 K run. Interested participants can register online at Walk-in Registration at  Chris Sports Outlet in SM North Edsa, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia.
Registration Fee : 500-meter run: Php 700 1K run: Php 700 3K run: Php 900 5K run: Php 1000
You can also enjoy the run with the whole family or friends 500-meter run and 1 K ( Family of 3 Package ) - Php 1600 3K run (Family of 4 Package ) Php 2200 3K run ( Buddy Package ) Php 1400 5K run ( Buddy Package ) Php 1600
Registration and Pay: Monday t…

Easy and Unique Taco Salad

This is one of my favorite recipes that I've learned from Chef MiraAngeles of Spell Kitchen. This Taco Salad is not your ordinary Taco. It tastes really good than other Taco that I've tried before.

Here is the recipe lovelies.


1 small head romaine or iceberg lettuce:1 piece medium white onion, chopped/minced3 pieces ripe tomatoes, chopped, minced2 tablespoons red kidney beans3 tablespoons ground Mexican beef3 tablespoons cheddar cheese3 tablespoons chippy
 →  Arrange the lettuce as the base for the salad

 → Add the toppings, onions, tomatoes, kidney beans, Mexican beef, cheddar cheese and top with chippy

 → Drizzle the dressing before serving


1 tablespoon honey1 tablespoon vinegar3 tablespoon sweet chili sauce1 teaspoon sugarsalt and pepper to taste
Mix the Ingredients in a small bowl then set aside in the refrigerator before serving

Mexican Beef:

2 tablespoon cooking oil2 cloves garlic minced1 small onion chopped 1/4 kilo ground beef1 tablespoon taco powder

Interactive Cooking with Chef Mira Angeles of Spell Kitchen

As a mother, I always like to prepare new recipes for my family to enjoy. I'm the kind of person who likes to check new dishes on recipe books and selects the easiest to prepare, why? because it's time-saving and I can add some personal twist to it. As my food adventure never ends in my kitchen, I  was lucky enough to be in The Maya Kitchen once again to witness amazing dishes being created by renowned and astonishing Chefs. As for today, they featured Chef Mira Angeles of Spell Kitchen, A very Talented Chef that works her magic on every dish that she prepares, turning ordinary dishes into a one of a kind dish.
Chef Mira Angeles' love for food led her to where she is now, and as we all know, not only skill but also passion and dedication is what someone needs to stay and be renowned in the food industry. After years of training, perseverance, Chef Mira is now one of the well-known  Chef in the industry and now she shares her talent and love for food by making her own sign…

Derma 360 Providing High Quality Skin Service for Moms and Kids

Chelsea and I had a day of fun and learning experience during our visit in Derma 360, a Professional Dermatological Center in the Philippines located in Rockwell, Makati City Philippines.
While I was learning the proper daily skin regimen and the most common skin infections in early childhood days or as early as after birth. Chelsea was enjoying her time doing some arts and crafts with a licensed teacher. So she was enjoying while I was gaining some knowledge about the child skin infections and how to properly treat it.  

Skin disease can be seen as early as the child is born. There are instances that we do things like self-medications or we take it seriously when it comes to our child, which is very understandable. When us parents noticed something new to our child we intended to consult our trusty pediatrician or we take our child to the nearest hospital or clinic. But when it comes to skin diseases, Pedia also trust licensed dermatologist for skin diseases.

Here is the sample of co…

Sarah G and Alden Richard Wowed the crowd at Cebuana Lhuillier Thank You FOR 30! Concert Series.

Cebuana Lhuillier held a concert last Sept 21, 2017, at the Moa Arena in celebration of the 30 Years of providing macro-financial products and services to millions of Filipinos nationwide and abroad it was a night full of surprises as some of the biggest stars today performed and entertained everyone.

There will be three-part concert series that will be held in Manila, Cebu, and Davao.
The first-party series which I was able to attend was really something to remember.The MOA Arena was filled with Cebuna Lhuillier patrons.

We were given a chance to sit near the stage. I can feel the excitement of everyone.

The program started with a fun game. Winners of each game that night take home Php. 25,000 and other team take home Php 2,500 each member. 

I know that there will special guest at the Cebuana Lhuillier Thank you for the 30! Anniversary Concert but I was surprised when  James Reid and Nadine Lustre came out. they set the stage on fire and patrons and fans are so excited and screaming…

Relieve those pain and discomforts with Natural Balance

Are you experiencing body pain and stress from work or your daily routines?
A good massage or a relaxing scent may be one of the options that you can think.

But what if these options were not available? Will you stick to your stressful routine?. Of course Not!, but do you know that right as of this moment, you can enjoy the scent of relaxation in your own hands.Relieve those pain and discomforts with Natural Balance products.

Recently, Natural Balance has launched their own scents and wellness products that nourish, protect and care for our skin.
Natural Balance is a product that uses only the finest NATURAL ingredients in their products and uses locally grown and sourced ingredients wherever possible.
Their unique combination of ingredients works in harmony to produce products that nourish and care for your skin. It helps relax your mind and revitalize your body.

Natural  Balance Products

. ORIGINAL - It's a balm with natural herbs and extracts. Relieves body aches, …

Lead Ahead with Review Centers

With all the pressure that we go through on entrance exams, academics or even with international certifications, learning centers is one of the best options that most of us Filipinos rely on if we wanted to further enhance and achieve more for our academics.

Review centers are not new in the Philippines, and probably most of us knew the names of the most trusted Review centers in the country, and most of my friends are suggesting a specific Review center and according to them, the best. As for them, this center helped them a lot, AHEAD Tutorial, and Review Center. Most of my friends that took their college entrance exams in the well-known universities here in Manila took their review in this center and I can say that almost all of them landed in their preferred universities and was happy with the results.

Prevention is better than cure, as they always say. Let's not be a fan of cramming and using stock knowledge, being prepared and empowered is the best way to achieve what you wa…