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Bean Belt Coffee in Dapitan Street, Manila

They say a cup of coffee a day, will keep the bad vibes away, well this works perfectly for me as a coffee lover since I usually gulp down 5-7 cups of coffee a day.

This is my partner for my every article that I write and makes sure that my day is complete, and believe me how hard a day is without coffee, so it has been a usual thing for me to be always on the lookout for the new place that offers the best coffee.

A few days ago, in my quest for finding new places that offer the best coffee in the Metro. And with all this traffic and holiday rush, my adventure brought me in Dapitan in Metro Manila, a place called Bean Belt Coffee, as catchy as its name, it caught the hearts of a lot of coffee lovers in the place, a place packed with students and businessmen enjoying and staying for that one thing they loved, "coffee".

This place is more than coffee, they also offer kinds of pasta and a lot more for you to discover, sumptuous meals for every coffee lovers. also located on it…

Gelare Airless Ice Cream from Australia is now in the Philippines

I remember when I was a kid, when someone says Ice cream, I'll be the first one to be there, well who does not love ice cream anyways, there may be few but I guess they're missing the best part of their life.
But, do you know? that with the regular ice cream that we grew up contains 50% air, no wonder it's gone with few licks lol. Do you know that there is a famous Ice cream called Gelatos that only contains 25% air, pretty amazing right? But, you think that's the best? well, here comes Gelare Ice Cream, the ice cream that is airless! now that is totally awesome!

Gelare is Australia's most-loved dessert cafe. It was founded in Australia in 1986 and has been palates for over 20 years and counting. Presently, it continues to capture the society's penchant for gourmet dessert in Perth and Brisbane, Australia.Founded by Mr. Farid Torabi, It has over 50 branches spread across Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

So, where does the word Gelare c…

Quick Stop at Chubby's Rib Shack

If you happen to drop by Commerce Center in Alabang, one of the restaurants that you will notice will be  Chubby Rib Shacks, this restaurant offers American and Mexican Dishes, I tried few of their specialties and here is a quick review of the place and their food.

The place can be a good place to hang out with friends. The ambiance is the usual American diners vibe. They also serve cold beers. It can accommodate at least 50- 60 people.

It was coated with BBQ Sauce. It was served with rice, mashed beans and a big half of slice of bread.  If you love carbs, I recommend this for you. The meat is tender but it didn't have that "wow" factor or a unique taste that you will crave for. It seems like pretty normal oven roasted baby back ribs with BBQ sauce.

The Fish is steamed creamy dory, the fish tastes bland even with salsa on top.
Again there are too many carbs on the plate. Maybe they can just ask if the customer wants some rice, bread or mashed beans.

The Nachos is as exp…

The Black Pig, Taste of Modern European Cuisine

A few weeks ago I started checking some new restaurant, bars, and those restaurants that I've never been before. There are places that you know that you can just sit and just order anything on the menu without being intimidated by the place or the people eating at the next table.

Casual Dining can be, somehow luxurious but one thing is for sure " You only live once and we work not just to sleep and pay bills, so giving yourself a treat for a sumptuous meal is a must.

Someone asked me this question,
"Is it expensive to eat in a European restaurant?", at first, My answer is Maybe Yes, Maybe Not?
Just yesterday I chat with her and told her about my dining experience in a modern European restaurant, called the Black Pig.

Black Pig is a modern European restaurant located on the 2nd floor of Commerce Center, Alabang. One thing I like about this restaurant aside from their unique and delicious food is that they don't have a specialty. Chef Carlos, the one who is in cha…

A Bowl of Ramen Goodness at Butamaru

Ramen is one of my favorite comfort food and I've been keeping track of the best restaurants that offer the best ramen. Sometimes, my husband and I are going out to find more restaurants that can satisfy my cravings for ramen.
Pop up ramen houses and some supermarkets offer their own versions of ramen, but I still prefer my ramen to be cooked with fresh ingredients and freshly made noodles that brings out the authentic taste in ramen and makes your experience more delightful.
Recently I visited Butamaru, one of the well-known ramen house in Ortigas. this is a newly established branch next to their other shop which is located at Westgate Alabang, and I can say that I had a very pleasant experience.
Their staff was very accommodating and polite, not to mention that the place was very inviting and cozy that gives you that feeling that you are having you're ramen in Japan.

here are some of their specialties that I can also say as my favorites.

I can tell that the noodles are fres…

Gangnam Wings Continues to Satisfy Diners with Their New Korean Dishes

Korean wave continues to be a phenomenon across the world. A lot of people are being charmed and becomes an avid fan of Korean culture. From Cosmetics, K-dramas, K-pop and one of the most popular now here in the Philippines are the Korean foods
Tried a lot of Korean Restaurants, but there will always be this one restaurant that will stand out and will always make you feel that you are in Korea while tasting their food. This is what Gangnam Wings always makes me think, every time I order and taste their Korean Style Fried Chicken and other best seller.
Gangnam Wings became popular to diners and food enthusiast because of the huge serving of their chicken and it's at the same time, having an authentic taste of Korean Fried Chicken. As they continue to delight customers with their authentic and flavorful Korean dishes. They are also proud of their ingredients and other products that are inside the resto-bar which mostly are imported from Korea, as they want diners to experience the r…