Sumptuous Lunch at Crystal Dragon City of Dreams Manila

Crystal Dragon is one of the signature restaurant hiding in the gigantic and luxurious walls of City of Dreams Manila. This restaurant is very well known for its' Traditional Cantonese Cuisine. It was awarded as one of the Top 20 restaurants in the Philippines. Crystal Dragon promises to give their diners a premium Cantonese fine dining.

I was one of the invited guests to try their A La Carte Menu using Australian Grass Fed Beef, as we all know grass fed beef is the healthier version of beef. It is rich in Omega 3+ fatty acid and Omega 6+ and it also has fewer calories.

Before we go the main dish, of course, Crystal Dragon sticks to their way of giving their diners a nice and memorable dining experience.

Diners are given welcome tea, it's a combination of Puer and Oolong Tea with Dried Rose Petal and the jelly was also made from Rose Petal.
3 Steamed Cantonese Dim Sum 
"They had me on their Dim Sum! "   The taste, the preparation, and the plating were totally…

Bean Belt Coffee in Dapitan Street, Manila

They say a cup of coffee a day, will keep the bad vibes away, well this works perfectly for me as a coffee lover since I usually gulp down 5-7 cups of coffee a day.

This is my partner for my every article that I write and makes sure that my day is complete, and believe me how hard a day is without coffee, so it has been a usual thing for me to be always on the lookout for the new place that offers the best coffee.

A few days ago, in my quest for finding new places that offer the best coffee in the Metro. And with all this traffic and holiday rush, my adventure brought me in Dapitan in Metro Manila, a place called Bean Belt Coffee, as catchy as its name, it caught the hearts of a lot of coffee lovers in the place, a place packed with students and businessmen enjoying and staying for that one thing they loved, "coffee".

This place is more than coffee, they also offer kinds of pasta and a lot more for you to discover, sumptuous meals for every coffee lovers. also located on it…

Coke Studio Staged a Benefit Concert for Marawi

"If only all people expressed their self through music, maybe a war can be prevented."

With all our Kababayans still recovering from the horror of war in Marawi, we may not be available for them to help physically but this will not limit us from extending our help and support for them. recently, coke together with our local OPM artists has come together to have a benefit concert for our fellow Kababayans in Marawi, expressing their music to help with their recovery.

Coke Studio staged a benefit concert for the rehabilitation of Marawi on Saturday, December 9th, at the MOA Concert Grounds. With some of the OPM icons and Coke Studio Artist that we have today like Gab Alipe of Urbandub, Abra, Ebe Dancel of Sugarfree, Franco and other artists sets the stage on fire and everyone's heart in their support for Marawi. Coke Studio artists such as The Ransom Collective, Gracenote, Moonstar88, Autotelic, Reese Lansangan, BP Valenzuela, Sandwich, Noel Cabangon, and Curtismith, joine…

Porky Pit, Lechon Wrap To Go

Lechon is very well-known and favorite to every Filipino gathering such as birthday, festival, and even in reunion. But we have to admit that it's very rare or hard to find here in Manila the Lechon that really taste like the Cebu Lechon.
I've been to other places and restaurant, I've tried other Lechon as well but nothing can compare the original taste of the well-known Cebu Lechon. Not until I was invited to try this new thing in town, The Porky Pit.

Porky Pit is the new brand of Diancia Trading Inc. that will engage a business using the best part of our favorite Lechon which is the "Lechon Belly "There concept is " Cebu Lechon on the go" Lechon in Shawarma. This new concept aims to give more Filipinos to enjoy Lechon not just during gathering but they can have anytime and whenever they want it to be.
Porky Pit means " Pork " meat and "Pit" means area reserve.
One of the reasons why I started to like Porky Pit is because it…

TKM Giveaway 2017, Share The Love This Christmas

Christmas is the season of love. It is one favorite time of the year aside from my family's birthday and my birthday. I'm sharing the love this Christmas by giving Php 7000 worth of prizes for the TKM Giveaway 2017.

I feel so blessed to have followers and readers who keep on supporting and still continues to visit blog. I feel so blessed to received opportunities which makes me more eager to write more articles that might be helpful to anyone who reads it.Sharing this Christmas is one of the things that TKM will continue to do every year.

I won't make this long. I want to show how thankful I am to you lovelies.
That's why I'm giving a box full of goodies, food gc's and more.
Check out the mechanics below.

TKM GIVEAWAY 2017 " Share the Love this Christmas "

I'm giving away Php 7000 worth of prizes

1 winner of goodie box
1 winner of  Aisarap Express Gift Certificate worth Php 1000
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1. Li…