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Filipino Style Chicken Curry

One of my favorite dish since I was a child is the Chicken Curry. I already tasted different kinds of Curry but I really love the Filipino Style of Chicken Curry. The taste ,the aroma is really appetizing.  That's why I make sure to learn this recipe and add a new twist to it
Ingredients 1 kilo of Montery Meat Fresh Chicken, (adobo cut )2 big Potatoes, chopped2 medium size Carrots2 tbsp Garlic, minced2 medium Onion, chopped1 small  Bell Pepper, cut into cubes1 cup Fresh Coconut Milk 4 tbsp curry powder1 thumb ginger, cut into stripsLemongrass1 cup waterVegetable Oil


  Who likes Crispy fried liempo here? Raiseyour hand 🙌🙌. I do cook this every               weekend ,yes! you here me right .      This is one of my husband Mikel's                     comfort food.     So maybe some of you might one to cook       this or prepare this for lunch,dinner or         this is even great partner with an ice cold     beer. .hehe

      1/2 kilo liempo        Oil for frying        2 tsp salt        2 tsp pepper        1 tsp oregano        1 tsp thyme        1 tsp of onion powder        3 cups of water        1 big onion ( chopped )        Some spring onions
Procedure: Boil water in a medium pot.
       Add onion,spring onion,salt and  pepper
       Then carefully put the liempo or the              pork belly. 
Let it cooked for about 15 minutes then set aside
        Put cooking oil in a medium skillet or  frying pan. Make sure that the oil is                really hot.
       Then put the pork belly or liempo        Fry until its golden brown and cr…