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Sangobion #SulongDugongPinoy Aims for A Healthy Blood Nation

Based on World Health Organization (WHO) the estimated numbers of anemic people worldwide is staggering 2 billion  and 50% of it are cases of Iron Defiency Anemia

Hi lovelies,
The Kitchen Mom went to Romulo Cafe in Quezon City. Frankly speaking I'm not familiar in north area. So i said to myself, " Goodluck to my Adventure" that day. Thanks to google map I was able to locate the venue.
Perhaps you are all thinking why I have to go that far especially I'm not really familiar with the area. I traveled that far to attend Sangobion's Event to know more about there newest campaign #SulongDugong Pinoy.

Due to lack of sleep and unhealthy lifestyle I suffered from dizziness and I get tired easily.
At the event I was tested for blood count. The result is 11.4gldl
I have to take heart and be more health conscious since I'm getting older.

 5 Common Signs Of Anemia
◾ Paleness
◾ Dizziness
◾ Fatigue
◾ Lack of Focus
◾ Low Immune System

1 out of 4 people are at risk of Anemia