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Acuatico Beach Resort, A Piece Of Paradise Where The Sky Meets The Sea

"You Only Live Once", a phrase I usually hear these days, a short phrase that gives you the meaning to enjoy life to the fullest.

After Surviving all the trials that I had for the entire year, the best thing to do is to reward my self with some "me time", away from the city life and a day to look and be thankful for whatever I currently have.AcuaticoBeach Resort is really a piece of paradise.

With this being said, I can say that I had a perfect day today as I had the opportunity to visit Acuatico Beach Resort in Laiya, San  Juan Batangas a place away from the city, and a place where the sky meets the sea.

When I arrived at the Resort the first thing that I noticed was the inviting ambiance and its friendly staff. a feeling that I am really away from the skyscrapers, a feeling of relaxation at its finest.

as my adventure goes, I really enjoyed the dip in their infinity pool overlooking the sea, a very calming and all I can say is WOW! as I see all blue from my view,…

Light Up A Star Project Aims to Gives K-12 Students a Brighter Future

A star has been the guide of the 3 kings to get to Bethlehem, and just like the same star that guided them, we can be a guiding light for our students for them to have a brighter future.
Light Up A Star Project is the annual campaign of Acuatico Beach Resort and Hotels Inc in cooperation with the  German Development Program, Deutsche Gesellschaft fur International Zusammenarbeit. This campaign aims to resource funds to help the  K-12 students of Laiya National HighSchool to have better lives.

Acuatico Beach Resorts provide training for HouseKeeping to make sure that they are properly well trained and will be one of the best Hotel and Resort Employees.
As of now, there are 9 Grade-12 students and 6 Grade- 11 Students who are currently in training in Acuatico Beach Resort.  Some of them are assigned to housekeeping, food and beverage section and some are welcoming the guest at the front desk.

Marcel said that he went and travel to other countries but was amazed how hospitable Filipin…