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YUXIN An advance and Fun Way to Learn Math

Is there an advance and fun way to learn math?

When I was in highschool, every year there are new lessons in Math  that we have to learn. So every year was different  which makes me forget what I've learned from the past lessons, I also asked some parents and this is also one of their problems with their child. They put too much money for tutorial but still their kids was not able to cope up with the lessons.
I did some research and read reviews if there are other ways to make Math "child friendly" and won't get them bored.
Good thing that I was invited to attend a seminar in Ahead Tutorial & Review and know that their is YUXIN.

What is YUXIN?

In Mandarin Yu means "Excellence" and XIN means " Heart"

YUXIN is the first to offer advancement program for academics combining academic advancement session with up to date study tools. They offer Singapore Math Program

Managed by one of the prestigious tutorial and review center in the Philippines with th…