TKM Adventure in Rizal: A Visit To The Art Capital of The Philippines

"ART is not what you see, but what you make others see"
- Edgar Degas

I'm feeling under the weather since last week. So when I received an invitation to explore the Art Capital of the Philippines which is  Angono Rizal, I immediately said "Yes!"
I once heard that ART is a reflection of life. This is one of the reasons why I love to look at a painting. I want to know what is the artist's message using his/her paintbrush and canvas.

From our meeting place in Makati to Angono, Rizal it took us about 1 hour and a half to our first destination.


➤ Angono Petroglyphs
➤ Carlos Botong Francisco Art Gallery
➤ Balaw Balaw 
➤ Blanco Family Museum
➤ Pinto Art Museum

Angono Rizal Tunnel
This is the only easy way going in and out of the Angono Petroglyphs.

Adult: 20.00
Student: 10.00
( PETROGLYPH means Rock Carving from the Historic times.)

The Angono Petroglyphs is the oldest known work of art in the Philippines. It was discovered by the late National Artist Carlo Botong Francisco. There are 127 human and animal figures engraved on the rock wall.
I saw some human figures and animals like lizard, turtle, and frog. The site has been declared by the National Museum of the Philippines as a National Treasure in 1973.

A staff from the National Museum tells the story of how the Angono Petroglyphs was discovered and found by the late National Artist Carlos Botong Francisco. She also mentioned that the place was used as a hideout during the WWII.

Will not going to miss this chance to have a nice photo of the oldest artworks in the Philippines. With friends Kim Baylon and Neri.


I enjoyed a special lunch here at Balaw_Balaw. They are not only well known for their yummy dishes but they also serve exotic food. So if you're a foodie to the highest level you should try their exotic dishes. 

As You enter Balaw balaw Restaurant, The tables will welcome you and at the back, you can see the art gallery. there are artworks from the different artist of Angono that are displayed on the 2nd floor and 3rd floor. The place looks creepy at the 2nd floor but the carvings are really amazing and worth to see.

They served Minaluto or these are the food served in a banana leaf. Sinigang na Kanduli, Crispy Dahon ng Alagaw, Adobong Itik and a lot more. 

This is Minaluto or Food that are served in a banana leaf and a bamboo steamer. It has seafood, fried chicken, yellow rice, black rice technically with (octopus or squid ink ), salted egg and vegetables
Sinigang na Kanduli which looks like a catfish

Adobong Itik

Crispy Alagaw Leaves

Carlos Botong Francisco Art Gallery and Street Murals

Since this tour is all about Arts we also visited the Art Gallery of the late National Artist Carlos Botong Francisco. You can see the photo there are also the street murals. The Art Gallery is still well taken care of his grandson. As I entered the door, I was already amazed in all the artworks of Botong Francisco but these artworks are already replica the real ones are already displayed in the Philippine National Museum,
Some of the great work of Art of Botong Francisco are  Blood Compact and The First Mass in Limasawa.

This caught my attention, some of the old books in the Art Gallery


The known family painter of Angono Rizal. All the family members artworks are displayed in the gallery. Starting from their father which is a prominent artist in Agono Jose "Pitok" V. Blanco, His  7 children named Glen, Noel, Michael, Joy, John, Kaye, and Peter Paul followed his style in painting.

The paintings or artworks of every member of the family are arranged according to their age. The eldest child of the Blanco started to paint at his very early age. While checking the paintings and still shocked everytime I read what age they painted it, I keep asking myself what I'm doing when I was at that age. Probably I was playing my favorite doll or watching television. I'm really amazed in every painting.

The Blanco family Museum is open daily morning till 11:00 AM and  
1:00  PM- 5:00 PM

The artworks of the Jose V. Blanco grandson from his & children are also displayed in the Blanco Family Museum. Now, I do believe that talent is also coming from the bloodline.

I noticed that they used the place they visit and the people who they met as their subject. The youngest of the Blanco siblings, Peter Paul is always one of the faces in the painting. 

  This old fishing boat is  Jose's favorite place to rest


If you love arts and nature then Pinto Art Museum is the right place for you. The place is like  Santorini. Painting and other artworks displayed in the art gallery are work by a different artist. There are 300 modern paintings, sculptures and an art installation by our own local artist.

Pinto Art Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 AM-6:00 PM
Entrance Fee
Adult: P 200
Students: P100

One of the missions of Pinto Art Museum is to educate more Filipinos and open its door to a more talented individual.

I was curious about this signage in one of the galleries in Pinto Art Museum but as you walk by and look in every piece you'll get the answer.

This one of my favorite piece in this gallery.

It was a day of learning and knowing more about our own Filipino National Artist, their life, and their contribution.
After our photo op at the Pinto Art Museum, we headed back to Manila while having some light snacks. We are still having fun and I guess we still have all the energy after a whole day of art tour.
This is only one of the place in the Philippines where you can see how talented Filipino are when it comes to art. I will be preparing for my next adventure.

This tour will not be possible without the cooperation of Tour of Asian Premium Travel and Tours and  Municipal Tourism Culture and Arts Office Municipality of Angono,  Rizal. Special thanks to Ms.Charmaine Pahete, to all her staff and also to Ms. Adae Ang and Kim Baylon.

Again, as always thank you so much guys for visiting my page. I hope you enjoyed your stay. Please always do visit my blog for more of my adventures inside and outside my little kitchen. This is your Kitchen Mom, Dhess ... see you on my next adventure.

Mwuah! Love lots! 💖


This looks like an interesting place to visit! I also love how different people can take away something different from the same piece of art. Like you, I also really like that sculpture of the couple I'm not sure what it's made out of, but it looks like wire, maybe? Anyway, it captures a beautiful moment!
Ivan Jose said…
Food, travel, art, history and culture -- all in one place. Wow, I wanna visit Angono soon. But I have always loved Rizal, it's always a quick respite from the heat of Metro Manila.
ana de jesus said…
I too agree that art is indeed a direct reflection of life. There are so many places I would like to visit and Rizal looks amazing, love the culture x
Liza Perry said…
Art is a must have when abroad to me! Rizal sounds like a great place to visit and discover the culture!
Alice said…
Loving this art museum you have here. Art is such an awesome medium of expression. Thanks for the share.
Thank you for the virtual tour of Rizal. It does look like a treasure cove of beautiful paintings and sculptures. The petroglyphs are awesome. That was one great find.
Lifestyle Hal said…
never heard of that place until now - it does feel a bit like santorini too a..with culture
Anna Baun said…
This trip looks divine! And oh my goodness, the food looks amazing!! I will definitely have to add this to my list!
Tiina A said…
I love to visit art galleries and that one seems to be in a wonderful place as well - would love to make a walk there. Everything looks so fascinating, especially the food :)
Philippine look amazing . Wish I can visit there one day . By the way you article is great and love how you design your post and so much pictures to see
yvonnembertoldo said…
Nice! I would love to join tours like this where you get to enjoy seeing what a particular place has to offer and then you get to taste local specialties which all sounded new to me. :)
Looks like a rare opportunity to see an area and art not many Westerners know about. Thank you for overcoming your initial reluctance. What variety and what tasty food too.

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