Mio Gelati; The Goodness of Italian Ice Cream in Every Cup

One of my favorite comfort food is Ice Cream.I can finish a pint of ice cream in just few minutes. I started to stop eating ice cream because of health issue but I was still craving for some every time there is new flavor available or I feel like eating something cold.
It's a good thing that I visited Century City Mall in Kalayaan. So I found this new dessert shop named Mio Gelati located at the lower ground floor (LG )

I know some of  you might ask what's the difference between an Ice Cream and A Gelato because they just look the same.
The word Gelato is an Italian word for Ice Cream. Gelato is an Italian style ice cream. The difference between the two is how it was process and the ingredients of it.

◼ Gelato is not too sweet like Ice Cream. If you are craving for Ice cream but you are a bit concious with your sugar intake, I'll say that you don't have to deprive yourself from eating something that you really want. Instead of our usual Ice Cream try the healthier version of it which is Gelato.

◼ Gelato has a smoother texture than an ice cream and more softer.

◼ Gelato is low in fat since it has more milk than cream

Mio Gelati offers 18 different gelato flavors. They have something new to offer for cold dessert lovers.

Chocolate Lovers can enjoy 4 tempting chocolatey flavors
◼ Willy Wonka 
◼ Black Chocolate
◼ Kinder Bueno
◼ Ferrero

If you are a fruit lover like me you can try this flavors

◼ Avocado Milk
◼ Melon Milk
◼ Strawberry
◼ Mango Cream Pie

Other available flavors

◼ Bubblegum
◼ KitKat Green Tea
◼ Vanilla
◼ Pistachio
◼ Salted Caramel
◼ Mint Chocolate Chips

You can try the goodness of this Italian ice cream on their kiosk and pop up Booth.

Mio Gelati Kiosk
• Century City Mall Makati

Mio Gelati Pop Up Booth

• Trinoma
• SM North
• Mercato Centrale in BGC
• Gateway Mall

To get updates or promos, check their official Facebook page Mio Gelati

Again, as always thank you so much guys for visiting my page. I hope you enjoyed your stay. Please always do visit my blog for more of my adventures inside and outside my little kitchen. This is your Kitchen Mom, Dhess ... see you on my next adventure.

Mwuah! Love lots! 💖


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