Top 5 Restaurant That Offers Australian Grass Fed Beef

The Kitchen Mom ( TKM ) was one of the invitees to join a memorable culinary experience in Metro Manila. I visited some of the restaurants that offer Australian Grass Fed Beef on their menu. Australia ranked as the no. 1 leading source of grass fed beef. It is considered as a healthier beef.
Maybe some of you are thinking or have this in mind, "all cows eat grass." Yes, mostly cows eat grass but some are taken to a place to be grain fed. These are the cows that are fed with food mix with drugs, sometimes they inject in hormones and antibiotics.

With Australian Grass Fed Beef, once the calves are born they drink milk from their mom, eat grasses and allowed to freely roam in their environment. Australian Grass Fed Beef has a lot of health benefits.It has fewer calories and has a lower fat content.
In this Australian Grass Fed Beef Caravan, I was able to enjoy and experience different ways the Australian Grass Fed Beef is prepared by the different restaurants.

Australian Ambassador to the Philippines Ms. Amanda Gorely invites diners to experience the different ways Australian grass fed beef is prepared in customized menus by the participating restaurants - from steaks, meat pies, burgers, pasta dishes, among others, served in a la carte and buffet menus

Here are 5 of the restaurants that offers or include Australian Grass Fed Beef on their menu

1. Crystal Dragon
Is one of the signature restaurants of City of Dreams Manila which is very well known for their exclusive traditional Cantonese dishes. Chef  Chan Koo Kean created  Australian Grass Fed Beef dishes using traditional Cantonese and Chinese cooking techniques to give the Crystal Dragon diners a unique and exceptional dining experience.
 ◼ Crispy Crystal Beef Rump Sliced with Manuka Honey and Fragrant Sesame Seed
 ◼ Smoked Tea Beef Short Ribs  Served with Pickles and Fried  Homemade Bun
 ◼ Wok- Fried Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin with Asparagus and Sichuan  Pepper
 ◼  Stir-fried Diced Grass-fed Beef Sirloin with Vegetables and Mushroom Served in Crispy Golden Cup
 ◼  Pan-fried Grass-fed beef Sirloin Rolled with Enoki Mushrooms in Barbeque Sauce

2. Chesa Bianca Swiss Restaurant
- Chesa Bianca Swiss Restaurant located in Yakal Street in Makati offers a  European homestyle cooking. Australian Grass Fed Beef is also on the menu. Enjoy a mouthwatering steak that is cook to perfection

3. Vask Tapas Room
- European Inspired Restaurant located in BGC, Taguig. They offer Traditional and Modern Spanish Cuisine which is meticulously prepared by their Executive Chef Jose Luis Gonzales.

4. Carpaccio Ristorante Italiano
- Is one of the restaurants that serve Authentic Italian Dishes. Chef Maurizio makes sure to provide and serve the premium dishes. Not only that they have the finest wines, but they also have the highest quality for their salads, pasta, and of course their Australian grass fed beef

5. Dusit Thani Manila: The Pantry
Dusit Thani Manila is one of the reputable hotels in Manila. They always aim to provide the best for guest satisfaction. They have the Pantry, an all day dining restaurant which offers  Australian  Grass Fed Beef on their menu.

After I attended the Australian Grass Fed Beef Trail. I noticed the big difference between the taste, smell and the texture of the Australian Grass Fed Beef compared to the beef that is being sold in the supermarket and used by other food establishment.
When it comes to taste there is a big difference, the Australian Grass Fed Beef is tastier. it doesn't have this strong smell once cooked. The texture is soft and easy to chew.

Australia is not only leading exporters of Grass Fed Beef, they are also known for their produce like Grapes and other products.

Again, as always thank you so much guys for visiting my page. I hope you enjoyed your stay. Please always do visit my blog for more of my adventures inside and outside my little kitchen. This is your Kitchen Mom, Dhess ... see you on my next adventure.

Mwuah! Love lots! 💖


So much tantalizing! Now I know PH is not just about boracay LOL
Grassfed beef.. oh wow.. i have learb quite a bit about beef recently.. lol... And I am sure that it must be slightly pricey.... But would love to try it nevertheless
Cherry Blossoms said…
Yum! I love grass-fed beef! So delicious!
Like, Wutever said…
I've just become a vegetarian so I'm off beef. I'm trying to resolve some health issues by balancing my hormones out. But it's nice to know that there are restaurants that make the healthier choice of serving grass-fed beef. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said…
This is the second time I have heard about Australian grass fed beef. I have never tried it personally, but perhaps I should take a look around my city to see if there are grocery stores or restaurants that sell it
Great to know that people are giving healthy choices to the mass.. Though I'm a vegan by birth & by choice, I cannot have beef. BUt I'm happy for people since they'll have some healthy & pure food!
Chandresh said…
Very informative post .. will pass on my friends in the town to checkout and add to their food guide .
Of all the restaurants, Vask Tapas Room seemed to have the most appealing food to me. I used to love the grass feed steak that is served at Chipotle in America. They have since changed their beef and you can taste the difference.
MrsTee said…
I've never actually had Australian Grass Fed Beef but each one of these images makes me wish I could have it as soon as possible. It looks amazing and delicious.
I had no idea that Australia was number one for grass-fed beef! I will have to add that to my list for whenever I visit Australia.

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