#BaonSerye : Ground Pork with Mushroom and Potatoes

Chelsea needs to be in school by 8:45 in the morning, her class start by 9:00 am. That means I have to wake up early to prepare her school lunch box . But preparing an easy and nutritious meal that young kids like her would love is a challenge, a challenge that I really love.
The Ground Pork with Potatoes or we call it "tortang giniling" which is one of my favorite when I was a child, becomes one of my family's favorite. Adding minced mushroom will add a new and exciting bite for it.

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#BaonSerye: Ground Pork with Minced Mushroom and Potatoes
Easy to prepare school snacks or lunch box for kids

  • 200 grams Ground pork
  • I big ( minced ) Potatoes
  • Only used half of the can Jolly Mushrooms Pieces and Stems
  • 2 medium size eggs Egg
  • Dash Salt and pepper
  • 3tbsp Oil


In a small bowl. Combine ground pork, salt and pepperAdd in the mushrooms and potatoes. Lastly add the eggHeat medium pan , add oil. Scoop a spoonful of the pork mixture and fry it till golden brownSet aside in a plate with paper towels Prepare your kids lunchbox and assemble it nicely.
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 8 servings


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