Derma 360 Providing High Quality Skin Service for Moms and Kids

Chelsea and I had a day of fun and learning experience during our visit in Derma 360, a Professional Dermatological Center in the Philippines located in Rockwell, Makati City Philippines.
While I was learning the proper daily skin regimen and the most common skin infections in early childhood days or as early as after birth. Chelsea was enjoying her time doing some arts and crafts with a licensed teacher. So she was enjoying while I was gaining some knowledge about the child skin infections and how to properly treat it.  

Skin disease can be seen as early as the child is born. There are instances that we do things like self-medications or we take it seriously when it comes to our child, which is very understandable. When us parents noticed something new to our child we intended to consult our trusty pediatrician or we take our child to the nearest hospital or clinic. But when it comes to skin diseases, Pedia also trust licensed dermatologist for skin diseases.

Here is the sample of common skin diseases in kids or babies;

1. Cradle Cap (babies ) or Seborrheic Dermatitis
2. Atopic Dermatitis (Skin Asthma )
3. Molluscum Contagoisium
4. Scabies
5. Head Lice
6. Acne

Derma 360 is not the usual dermatological center. They provide a high-quality service and have one of the best pediatric dermatologists in the country. They offer expert medical consultations for both babies ages 0 to 18   years old and adult.

After gaining some knowledge of the skin infections and how it can easily be treated. We are invited for a simple snack together with fellow mommies. We are also given a chance to try the Premium Facial,  Derma 360 signature facial treatment. Chelsea told me that she had a great time reading books and doing some drawings. It was really a nice pampering and bonding time for me and Chelsea.

Watch out for my video and blog post about my experience of the Derma 360 Premium Facial.

Thank you, The Momma Club and Derma 360 for organizing this kind of event which helps me understand how important for every mom to take care of our skin and our kids.

For beauty and skin pampering for moms like me and for proper consultation for your child's skin problems, you can visit Derma 360 

Derma 360 Professional Dermatological Center
Ground Floor, Joya Lofts, and Tower
Estrella St. Rockwell Center

Clinic Hours: Monday- Saturday  12:00 PM- 9:00 PM
                        Sunday  12:00 - 5:00 PM

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