Ever Bilena Welcomes Kris Aquino as their Newest Brand Ambassador

The Filipina Beauty has been very unique and outstanding in every way and it further shines if paired with the best and trusted cosmetics created by a Trusted Filipino Company.

Ever Bilena started in a humble beginning. It all started with a Nail Polish which sold around Php 5 to 6 pesos. I still remember almost all beauty parlors and manicurists who did home service always had their kits filled with vibrant colors of Ever Bilena Nail Polish.

Ever Bilena is one of the products that I had during my high school days, from face powder to lipstick. Memories brought back our old drawers filled with Ever Bilena Products from 1998 which my Grandmother and Aunt used. No doubt that Ever Bilena has been a cosmetic brand that captured the hearts of almost every generation not only that it is budget-friendly but also about the quality that can be compared to international products.

Now Ever Bilena is the No.1 cosmetics retail company in the Philippines.The brand provides a fresh and trendy color cosmetics that will perfectly suit every women's of different lifestyles. ever Bilena becomes more innovative with their products to make sure that they will always keep up with the fast-changing trends.

 With this being said, Ever Bilena welcomes the newest member of its family, "The Queen of All Media" Ms. Kris Aquino. Known for her unquestionable beauty, straightforward personality and as a credible endorser. According to Kris, she believes in what Ever Bilena's values, especially on their goal to provide quality products at an affordable price, this is one of the reasons why Ms. Aquino accepted the offer to be the newest Ever Bilena cosmetic ambassador, not to mention how she was amazed by their Pangkilay and how she described " Kilay is life " using Ever Bilena Products.

Ever Bilena Color Pencils

The following products are Kris Aquino's top picks. For lipsticks, she has "Red Carpet" and "Thalia" and for the foundation is "Ever Bilena White Ivory"  (Two Way Cake). A clear proof that The Queen Of All Media has full trust for the quality of the products like most of us who have been using  Ever Bilena.

The Queen of All Media will soon to have her own collection with Ever Bilena in which she expects to have a whopping sale of 100,000.

To know more about Ever Bilena and Its brand, visit
 www.everbilena.com.ph https://careline.com.ph and http://blackwater.com.ph

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Zoe Gumm said…
Such a great partnership for them to be promoting the brand together. I wish I knew more about the brand though as it sounds like definitely something i'd be interested in.
Cristina SF said…
I haven't heard of this brand before but I'm sure the partnership will be very good for them!

Vivian Yuen said…
Thanks for introducing this brand, the entire collection looks amazing!

IG | @viviyunn_

Indrani said…
This is a new brand to me. Their collection seems good. Loved the pictures. I
Jamie said…
Never heard of this brand! Always love when a great partnership happens!

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