Authentic Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen in Alabang

A bowl of a delicious ramen not only warms our stomach but it also warms the heart.

With different restaurants who now offer ramen as part of their menu, it is really hard to compare and choose the best of them.

Just last week, Ikkousha opened to the public, serving 300 bowls of your choice ramen with another bowl of ramen for free.
Ikkousha is located at the Upper Ground Floor, West Extension Wing Festival Mall, Alabang Muntinlupa. Over viewing river park at the west wing extension. The store open from 11:00 am - 9:30 pm.

Ikkousha is pronounced as " i-Ko-sha" means " one happy place" in English. The founder of Ikkousha, Master Chef Yoshimura started his first restaurant in Fukuoka way back 2004 and his dream of creating a place that would bring people together, creating good memories while enjoying a delicious bowl of ramen. Master Chef Yoshimura is making sure that he is involved in every branch.Now Ikkousha has branches in nine different countries. During the Grand Opening of Ikkousha in Festival Mall, Chef  Yoshimura is present and making sure that the service and food will be inline in his approach.

Special Shio- Tonkotsu
Customers can enjoy the four different broth varieties, Tonkotsu, Tonkotsu Black, God Fire, and lastly the Shio-tonkotsu. I ordered the best seller of Ikkousha which is the Special Shio-Tonkotsu the broth is a combination of tonkotsu and shio broth, it has a milky and rich flavor soup base, it has 3 thinly sliced char-siu pork, boiled egg which is perfectly cooked, one more thing the egg that they used was organic, t also have some black fungus and spring onions on top. You can order the Special Shio-tonkotsu for only Php 450.00 per bowl
The Tonkotsu Black has a burnt garlic oil, while the God Fire is recommended for some who loves spicy ramen and you can choose the spice levels that will suit your preference.

This Japanese fried chicken is crispy on the outside but juicy and tender on the inside. This is a good appetizer while waiting for the hot bowl flavorful ramen of Ikkousha.Kids will also love this Karage.

One of my favorite dish to order on the side while enjoying a hot bowl of ramen, is of the Gyoza of Ikkousha, was a bit smaller than the ordinary or common Gyoza in other restaurants. The Ikkousha gyoza is still juicy on the inside.

With Jaimie Felix of mermaidinstilletos

Satisfying my craving for ramen with my fellow mom and lifestyle fashion blogger Jaimie Felix of, we both love ramen and trying newly opened food establishment in the metro.

For more details, inquiries and for reservation visit the Ikkousha Ramen Manila Facebook page

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