Nestokid, Supporting Your Kids to be Healthy and #Growhappy!

As a parent, if asked of what makes us happy, we can simply and wholeheartedly answer that it would be our kids. We always want the best for them and what makes them happy also makes us happy.

But according to surveys, happiness is actually a powerful combination of a nurturing environment and proper nutrition. With this being said, here are some of the things that you need to remember to create a nurturing environment for your kids.

Playtime, game time

More on physical happiness and allowing them to be physically fit, it is important to allow our kids to have time to play and experience and create happy memories of their childhood, allowing them to experience biking, playing with friends and other activities will definitely help in developing their bones and muscles. joining them on their playtime will make it a more enjoyable moment for them.

Hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy

Growing from a loving and nurturing environment to #GrowHappy. at an early stage, we should also develop our children's emotional state, showing affection and proper care allows them to have a positive emotional state, a simple hug and kiss before they sleep can make them feel loved and cared.

With this being said, how can we support our kid's proper nutrition?

Mommy Isha Borremeo and Mommy Nicole Hyala

It all starts with the tummy

Their tummy absorbs nutrients and where the so-called "happy hormones", or serotonin, and immune cells are produced. With a strong tummy, your kids will become healthy and will have a strong immunity. Together with proper nutrition and making sure that our kids eat enough fruits, vegetables, cereals, fish, and meat together with milk will definitely give our kids an edge.

Give your growing child NESTOKID FOUR!

NESTOKID FOUR is a growing up milk that helps support your child's growing needs. It has vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients. on top of these, it has L.comfortis, a probiotic that provides gut comfort, helps strengthen immunity and support overall growth and development.

Let's enjoy every moment that we have with our kids as they grow so fast that you won't even notice it and give them NESTOKID FOUR for them to #GROWHAPPY!

NESTOKID FOUR  is not a breastmilk substitute but a growing-up milk especially suited to healthy young children above 3 years old.

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