My daughter really likes pancake. Thats why i came to this idea of adding a sardines to her favorite pancake.
This one also have vegetables.So it will be a healthy snacks for your little kiddos

Healthy Veggie Pancake with Sardines


1can of Mega Sardines (Drained and                     reserve the sauce for later use) 1 pc onion (minced) 1/4 kilo cabbage ( shredded ) 2 stalks of leeks ( cut  1 pc egg 1 cup all purpose flour 1 tsp. Salt 1/2 tsp Sugar  1/2 tsp ground pepper 2 pcs bay leaf 1/4 cup grated cheese Oil for frying
*Batter*   You need a medium size bowl . Put the flour,salt and sugar.Make a well in middle of the flour then add the egg.Add water and make sure to mix it well.

*Pancake* 1.Use a small/medium frying pan 2. Saute the onion ,cook until become soft then add the MEGA SARDINES 3. Add the cabbage and leeks,cook until it become soft( so your kids can easily chew it).  4. Mix the cooked Mega Sardines and  veggies to the batter 5. Fry it by batch like how we cook an ordina…

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Steamed Pork and Sauteed Veggies

What's for dinner? How about Steamed Pork and Sauteed Veggies

I'm a person that can't eat without vegetables. My husband really loves meat like pork and beef ,he is not much into chicken unless it is fried or roasted.
Thats why I decides to prepare this meal for him.
The meat on top of the rice is a Steamed Marinated Pork.

Ingredients :
* 250 grms of ground pork
* 2 pcs of garlic
* 4 tbsp Kikoman light soy sauce
* 1 1/2 tbsp. Cream Pure Cornstarch
* 1 tbsp olive oil/corn oil
* 1 tbsp sesame oil
* salt and pepper to taste
*  leeks
*  1 bellpepper
*  1 medium size carrots
*  5 pcs dried Shiitake Mushroom


* Wash the ground meat and put it a bowl

*  Add the chopped Dried Shiitake Mushroom

* Add the soy sauce,salt,oil and cornstarch

* Make sure to mix it properly .

* You can steamed it on top of the rice ( make sure to put the ground pork when the rice is almost cook) or You can steam it in a steamer. Put some garlic on top.Make sure the fire is low

* Cut the vegetables…

A Fun Friday of A Bella Mom and Wife

Its been raining for few days ,even there's no typhoon. . gloomy Friday but  Even rain can't stop us to do some bonding moment.
We went to SM City Sucat to enjoy and have a nice time ,its bring to stay home 24/7 .

First stop is for the kikay mommy ,that's me !

Loréal Paris is still having a 50% off on their selected items . I visited the  Maybelline's counter , I did some swatches and tried the Liquid Foundation ,the perfect shade that same as my jawline skintone is B3 and The Maybelline V Contour... I bought one yey! 299 only they have 100.00 off

Bought some few things in SM Department Store
After she got what she want she likes to go back home to open new playset.

       She's happy to buy this one because she can use it as her table. It comes in 4 Designs Frog , Pig , Chicks ,Zebra. Bought it CPR only Php. 100.00.         Bought some other personal things like undergarments, socks ,umbrella ( a must have )
Next stop is at Kids Venue ,A playroom in the 3rd level…

Murad Makeup Mixology Workshop

I just like to share with you about my experience in the Murad Make up Mixology Workshop with Ms.Nicole Romero. Luckily I won in Ms.Nicole Instagram page a VIP invite to the workshop.

 Ms.Nicole is teached us how to make a great CC Cream using the Murad Invisublur and our favorite liquid foundation. Her Model Ms.Kally Araneta ( the pretty lady in white). Good thing that I have my favorite Nichido Liquid Foundation in my bag .I was able to try it. The coverage in my face is really nice.

Ms.Nicole giving all the attendees a lootbag

 Since I won from her blog ,so I received a special lootbag from Ms.Nicole,.Super happy as in.

I'll try to make a review regarding the Murad Starter Kit that I got .

Tuna Mushroom Omelette

I always make sure not to overwhelmed my daughter when it comes to her lunchbox or else she will not eat it. I make sure to prepare a healthy meal that will give her energy to do her things in school. Here is one of my simple and easy but heathy baon meal.
Jolly Mushroom Tuna Cheesy Omelette Serving: Good for 2 1 can Tuna Flakes (drained)1 Tbsp. olive oil1 can Jolly Mushroom ChampignonsSaltFreshly ground black pepper1 cup rice1 Tbsp. ketchup 1 tsp. soysauceFor Omelette 2 large egg2 Tbsp. milk1 Tbsp. olive oil4 Tbsp. Grated CheeseProcedure: 1.Heat the oil in a non-stick pan then add the Jolly Mushroom and Tuna flakes,cook for 2 minutes. 2. Add the rice then ketchup, soy sauce,salt and pepper mix it well.Cook it for 5mins then transfer to a plate. Note: You can wash the pan to use again or you can use a different t one if you like.I prefer my kitchen to not be so messy,that's why I wash and use the same pan. 3.Combine the egg and milk 4. When the pan is hot,( lower the heat) pour the egg …

Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone #BDJ Rendezvous #ArtOfNow

I'm really happy and excited when I received the invitation email from MS.MAEYI of BDJ

I'm a full time mom, so mostly you will find me in the kitchen with my daughter or watching a KDrama Series. With this being said, this kind of event is totally out of my comfort zone.

I arrived at SM Megamall 11:15  am with my husband and my daughter Chelsea. I asked my husband to look around and grab something to eat with my daughter while I check if I was the first person to arrive at the event..haha!  Amazingly!!!.. I was not the first person to arrive. .hahaha! Some of the Bellas are already there ,The venue is ready. The BDJ Team is getting ready. So happy that I saw my Bella friend on the line waiting for the registration to start I know every Bella is excited just like me( smiley face )

Event : BDJ Rendezvous Art Of Now Host:  Ms.Tracy Abad  Guest Speakers : Roma and Mean,Niki Torres,Nicole Anderson,Better Stories Project 
Registration started before 12:30 . Ms.Tracy Abad is really pret…