Mother's Day Gift Ideas That Are Less Than 500 pesos + Giveaway

A mothers love is like a sunlight that  warms our hearts,
A love that never gets tired nor bored
A mothers love is simple like what other people think
but then this love can destroy anything
A mothers love is pure and innocent,
Like a child inside her womb
A mothers love can sometimes be tough
Only to make sure that her child is on the right path
Seasons might change, leaves will fall, the land will dry
But a Mothers Love will remain the same since the day you were born
by: lhourdes mercadero

Mother's Day celebration will be few weeks from now. Do you have any gift ideas now that you would love to give to the woman who always make sure to stay beside us no matter the situation it is. When I was in High School I always think of buying something for my mom and grandma but since i only have an allowance which is Php 20 per day there's no chance i can buy something expensive for the two woman who never give up on me. But someone told me that the price is not important, it's the effort and love in it.  

If you know what your moms love, expensive gifts are not important its the thought that you know what she really loves and what she really needs.Here are some of the gift ideas that are less than Php 500.

Baked Goodies
Moms always cook and bake for her kids and she know how tiring and sometimes stressful it is. So when she receive a box of baked goodies like cupcakes,macaroons and cakes for sure she will be touch. Yes, you can just buy from some store but the thought that you really put an effort to bake for her means a lot. This only cost you Php100-250

Personalized Mugs
Is your mom a coffee or tea person? Then a mug is one of the best gift for her. You can personalize it by printing a lovely message to your mom or a photo of you and her. in the mug. Your mom will always remember you every time she use the mug drinking her coffee or tea.
This will cost 150-200 depends on the brand and design

Flowers and Card
All women loves flower. Even as we age ,we still like to receive one.It doesn't matter if its just a piece of rose or a bouquet of flowers. It always work like magic. they always smile when they see it. Greeting card is like a messenger that delivers what we really like to say to our moms. Sometimes it's hard to say it in person that's why we use card to express our feelings. You can make a personalized card and your mom will definitely appreciate
Flowers cost  Php 50-200 Card cost - Php 50- 80

Moms would love to use scarf this hot weather to cover their skin from the harmful rays of sun. Scarf looks classy when women wear it. Every time she wears the scarf the feeling is like you are with her and giving her some warm hug.
Scarf is like around Php 100- 300

Teddy Bear
A cuddly and comfy teddy bear can put a smile in a mothers face. Some moms like to collect stuff toys or teddy bear. Receiving one from her child will mean a lot to her. when their child get married or have their own family, it will be a good reminder of your warm love for her.

Whatever gifts we decide to give our moms this coming Mother's Day the most important thing that you should always remember is that it should come  from the heart and sealed with love. mom's are always thankful when you remember them on their special day, this is enough to make them happy.

Because I salute every mother in the world for their sacrifices and love for their children.The Kitchen Mom and 3 generous sponsors are giving away a surprise for my readers because even in a simple way I, Bewell C, Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet and Sweet Compliments likes to make moms happy.


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Madeleine Guerra

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners.Kindly pm me on my facebook page The Kitchen Mom to get the instructions on how to claim your prize.
Thank you everyone for joining my Mother's Day Giveaway.Dont't fret because there will be more giveaway and thanks to all the sponsors.

Happy Mothers Day lovelies!!!
    A mother only  wants the best for her child. Don't forget to say thank you and give a warm hug to the best woman in our life.

Again, as always thank you so much guys for visiting my page. I hope you enjoyed your stay. Please always do visit my blog for more of my adventures inside and outside my little kitchen. This is your Kitchen Mom, Dhess . . see you on my next adventure .
Mwuah! Love lots! 💖


Mylene Gravoso said…
Mylene Gravoso
IG @jheztine
To my loving mother you are our superwoman
Thank you for always being our savior .we are so gratefull to have you .
We love you very much we never leave you until the last breath that you had.
Luisita Lavena
Name: Jim Marlon A. Macaraeg
IG: @macaraeg_jimma
Twitter: @Macaraeg_JimMA
Link of FB shared post:

To My Mama Marilyn, I will always be your favorite son no matter what. I will always be here for you even when you get old. Thanks for loving us unconditionally.
Riyalyn Gatdula said…
FB: Rain Gatdula
IG: @yurilovesteddy
Twitter: @rainkie
Link of FB shared post:

Mama, even though there is a distance and years of separation, I understand why my you come up with the decision to work abroad- because it's for our own sake. You and Papa's sacrifices made me the person I am now. Thank you for everything, thank you for giving me a life. I love you Mama, Happy Mother's Day!
This comment has been removed by the author.
Name: Aldrin Montierro
FB: Aldrin Montierro
IG: @abmontierro
Twitter: @abmontierro
Link of FB shared post:

Happy Mother'Day to my wife Roxane Cabile-Montierro! I am blessed and favoured because God gave me a wonderful wife and the best mom for my daughter. I couldn't ask for more. Always remember that I appreciate your sacrifices, your hardwork means a lot. Being a working mom is a tough job and I do admire you because it is really a talent and a gift on how you manage to juggle office and home, stretching your time and resources and still shower us with love, care, understanding, and affection. You are the best, you are my superwoman! I love you and I will always do. Happy Mother's Day!
Name: Roxane Cabile-Montierro
FB: Roxane Cabile-Montierro
IG: @rcmontierro
Twitter: @roxanemontierro
Link of FB shared post:

If there is one woman in this world that I will consider Super, that is you Nanay Simeona Cabile. Until now, I am really amazed on how you have raised us, how you managed to always refill your buckets of love, care, understanding, and forgiveness even if we are consuming it all the time. All along, you are always there for us to give us sunshine, to protect, to fight for us. I am what I am today because you are my role model and I will also instill to my daughter all the lessons I have learned from you. Thank you, Nanay for everything. God knows how much I Love You and how much I owe everything to you. I speakforth good health and long life and hope there will be many many days for us to share and celebrate. You are the best mom and I am so proud because I have a mom like you.
Grecel Villar said…
FB: Gre Mas Vill
IG and twitter: @iamgvillar
FB shared post link:

My nanay Girlie masangcay is my first best friend, my first criticism but my greatest fan, my strict yet loving mom, she is my alter ego, my crying shoulder, my partner in crime. She is a superwoman, wonderwoman all wrapper into one. I m thankful to her daughter. Nay, I am what I am because of what you are. Love you to bits.
gole cruz said…
name:sherry ann gole cruz
fb post shared:

To my loving mama annabelle,i love you so much!Thank you for loving me and taking care of me and teach me how to be the best mother for my kids too,now i understand why you are so strict when im still young,i apprecaite all the saxrifice you made for me.. Miss you so much!
Angelie Cuna said…
Name : Angelie Namindang
FB : Angelie Namindang
IG : @angeliecuna
Twitter : @cunaangelie
Sa aking pinakamamahal na mama, Happy mother's day and Happy 67th Birthday mama. Hindi ko man nasasabi sayo ng personal na Mahal Kita pero alam ko narardan niyo po Yun. Mahal na Mahal po kita Mama. Sana Lang po bigyan ka pa po ng mahabang buhay ni Lord upang makasam pa kita ng matagal.Pagaling ka po mama. Ingatan niyo po lage sarili niyo at mag kalimutan uminom ng gamit. I love you Mama!
Angelie Cuna said…
My mama's name : Angela Cuna
The Kitchen Mom said…
Hi Lovelies, I updated the #5 in the mechanics. Make sure to follow all the mechanics. I'm already checking your entry now. Some of you didn'do the #1 and 5.
Meldy Natividad said…
Name: Meldy Natividad
FB: Meldy Natividad
Ig: @meldynatividad
Twitter: @meldynatividad
Mama Eileen Natividad

You are the reason for this lifeline
Since the day that we are intertwined
I am so thankful you make me your "mine"
And make sure that everything for me will be fine

Now that you are growing old
Here is my hand for you to hold
I will be your warmth when you're cold
The blanket for you to fold

I will love you everyday
I'll show it to you in every way
With me you'll never be at gray
My heart and soul, to you I lay

Happy Mother's Day Ma!!!!
Julie Melor said…
NAME: Julie Melor Timtim
FB: Julie M. Timtim
IG: juliewinx
TWITTER: JuliewinxT

To my super woman in life Alicia Grecian Melor,
Ma you are a wonderful mother so strong,
The many ways you show you care,
Always make me fell I belong,
You support me whenever I call.
I love you more than you know
you have my total respect
If I had my choice of mothers, your be the one I select...
I LOVE YOU more than words can I say!!!

Happy Mother's Day Ma!!
Angelie Cuna said…
My second shared post.
Jaymee Artogue said…
Name: Jaymee Lind Artogue
Fb: Jaymee Palanca
Ig: ahieiya
Twitter: ahieiya
Links of shared post:

Nay maraming salamat sa pagtyatyaga mo sa amin magkakapatid especially sa akin. Kahit pasaway at maldita ako anjan ka pa rin para gabayan ako. Ngayon alam ko nay na masaya ka na kung san ka man ngayon at binabantayan mo kami pati na un mga apo mo sa amin. Tandaan mo nay na mahal na mahal kita Nanay Kimberly. ❤
Emcel Fajardo said…
Name: Maricel Fajardo
IG: @emcelfajardo
Twitter: @Hya_cel08
Link of FB shared post:

Salamat Ma sa pagpapalaki mo pagpapahalaga at pagmamahal sa pag dedicate mo ng lakas at oras mo saamin pati na mga anak ko at walang sawang pag aasikaso kahit mag isa ka lang naitaguyod mo ako, nakita ko ang katatagan sayo at pag aaruga.. Happy mothers Ma Sion Mendiola Mahal kita at na appreciate ko lahat ng effort mo.. Love you..
name:janine grace badar
link of fb:

to my loving mother thank u for always there u are the best mom in the world your my super woman i love you mom.
elizabeth badar
Mica Teves said…
Mayca Adona Tabita
IG @micayteves
Twitter @supeerrmai
FB Micay Teves

Link shared post

To my dearest mother Zenaida Adona Tabita,
Ito lang masasabi ko Maraming maraming salamat po sa pag sasakripisyo,pag aaruga at pagmamahal mo sa amin ng mga anak mo.Maraming salamat Mama pasensya na po kung minsan makukulit kame.Pero We love you so much Mama!!! Happy Mothers Day po!
ann gabs said…
Name: Ann Margot Gabris
FB: Ann Margot Gabris
IG: @seksichikiting
Twitter: @seksichikiting
Link of FB shared post:

To my mom, i may not be that showy but deep in my heart i am greatful that you are my mom. Thank you for being always on our side even if we have our own family,you are still there to help us. We thank you for everything.
Arlene said…
Name:Arlene Bejosano Obien
FB: Arlene Bejosano
IG: ilovearleneb
Link of FB shared post:
To my dearest mom Anabel Sumagpang
Thank you mom for always being there thank you for the support I receive from you every single day.thank you for teaching me to be honest appreciative and the world I love you are not adequate enough to express how grateful I am to be your daughter how much you are appreciated or how much you will always mean to me..happy mothers day..
Regina Libao said…
Regina Libao
FB: Regina Bula Libao
IG: @reginalibao
Twitter: @libaoregina11
FB Link:

Para sa mama ko :) Ma kahit na di kita kasama simula pag ka bata ko mahal kita at di ako nag tatampo dahil alam kong may dahilan ka. Loveyou ma :*
Nicole S said…
Nik Samonte
Fb:Nik Samonte
IG @color_nic
FB Link:
To my loving mother you are our amazing person I ever met.
Thank you for always being our savior .we are so grateful to have you .
Mina Samonte
Jeraldine Tolentino
FB: Jeraldine Tolentino
IG: @arjeline01
Twitter: @chocotablea

Right from the start,you were the one who nurtured me,prayed over me,worried about me,guided me and supported me in every pursuit,Thank you so much mom ,I love you very much! <3 <3 <3
Name:Madeleine Guerra
FB:Madeleine Guerra or lhanze25
Link of FB shared post:
A short message for your mom (include your wife/ mom's name)

to my DARNA, Superwoman, Doctor, Teacher, Dad and above all my ever wonderful MOM Teresita M Guerra. any words cant compare to the deepest sacrifice you've done for us. You stood as our dad and mom in one. Your efforts of upbringing the 8 of us isnt as much as what i can do to be independent at all. all the more, i want to stay on your side until you say you wont need me anymore, the way you always say it to us. MOM, my one and only hero who knows that i am in need of help even though i havent shout it out yet. Mom i always love you! and your simple act of pangungulit will always drive me to keep life simple and to count my blessings as well. Youre my inspiration, my first lover and my first bestfriend. thank you for everything. i love you to the moon and back.
Hershey Ann Gercio
FB: Hershey Gercio
IG: @annpaumacbunso
Twitter: @annpaumacbunso
Link of my FB shared post:

Dearest Mama Daisy,
I thank God for giving you to my life and thankful for being my mother. I'm so thankful for your unconditional love,care, support and for being my best friend. Thank you Mama for everything, for the love and care you've shown to my children. You know Mama how much I loved you. Happy Mother's Day! From the bottom of my heart, I love you Mama!
Arianne Tejada said…
Arianne Tejada
FB: Aryanne Tejada
IG: @ariannetejada
Twitter: @ArianneTejada
Link of FB shared post

To my Super Mom!
Happy Mother's Day mama, Thank you for everything, for giving us with my siblings life and opportunity to live in this world. Kung wala ka po mama wala din kami dito sa mundo. Maraming-maraming salamat sayo mama, We love you mama Eva Barbachea
Arianne Tejada said…
Blogger Arianne Tejada said...
Arianne Tejada
FB: Aryanne Tejada
IG: @ariannetejada
Twitter: @ArianneTejada
Link of FB shared post

To my Super Mom!
Happy Mother's Day mama, Thank you for everything, for giving us with my siblings life and opportunity to live in this world. Kung wala ka po mama wala din kami dito sa mundo. Maraming-maraming salamat sayo mama, We love you mama Eva Barnachea
Jeanette Layar said…
Name: Jeanette Erpelo Layar
FB: Jeanette Layar
IG: Jeanette Layar
Twitter: Jeanette Layar

Link on FB shared post

Anita Sy Erpelo
Thank You for always supporting to the things I love to do.
You're the best Mom. I Love You Happy Mother's Day
Unknown said…
Name Jennifer Pasion-Potian
Fb: Jen Labay Pasion
IG- @labiosrojo
Twitter: @jen_potian

Link fb post.

I love my Mom because she always there for me para makinig sa mga problema ko, i really love her dahil sobra nya kaming Mahal pati ng mga Apo nya. I love her dahil lagi nya kaming sinusuportahan sa mga desisyon namin.
I love her dahil hindi sya nag dadalawang isip na sabihin ang mga mali namin, mag kamali man kami nan dyan sya para suportahan kami.
I love my Mother because God gave her to us...
I love you Mama Happy Mothers day po..

FB: Rose Ann E. Cristobal
IG: @rachelcherie14
Twitter: @cherie061486
Link: Ann E. Cristobal

I love my mom because she sacrificed a lot for us especially that she is a single mom when our dad left us for anothet woman. She strive hard to raise us and give our needs. She is my #1 supporter and also my #1 critic. She gives us the reason to be the best in everything.I love her because she is a loving, understanding and God fearing Mom. I thabk and salute you for having the best job on the planet. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY Mommy! I love you so much!
Deo Vic Reyes said…
Name: Deo Vic Reyes
FB: Vic Reyes
IG: @iamegertondee
Twitter: @eggsydee
Link FB Post:

I will begin it with two simple words -Thank You. Thank You is a very small word for the sacrifices you make everyday from waking up early to do all the house chores when I and my siblings were still young. We owe you a lot Mom. I miss your warm hugs and kisses, your beautiful smiles, everything has made my life worthwhile. You gave me life, taught me to work, live & guides me always. I'm glad that you are my Mom. Happy Mother's Day. I Love You to the moon and back.
Thank you for sharing this post. I enjoyed reading it. May God bless you!

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