Interactive Cooking with Chef Mira Angeles of Spell Kitchen

As a mother, I always like to prepare new recipes for my family to enjoy. I'm the kind of person who likes to check new dishes on recipe books and selects the easiest to prepare, why? because it's time-saving and I can add some personal twist to it. As my food adventure never ends in my kitchen, I  was lucky enough to be in The Maya Kitchen once again to witness amazing dishes being created by renowned and astonishing Chefs. As for today, they featured Chef Mira Angeles of Spell Kitchen, A very Talented Chef that works her magic on every dish that she prepares, turning ordinary dishes into a one of a kind dish.
Chef Mira Angeles' love for food led her to where she is now, and as we all know, not only skill but also passion and dedication is what someone needs to stay and be renowned in the food industry. After years of training, perseverance, Chef Mira is now one of the well-known  Chef in the industry and now she shares her talent and love for food by making her own signature dips and adding a twist to Filipino Comfort food.

"Dishes should be well done. Never settle with ' pwede na yan' Always do things with quality no matter how simple your dish is"

Taco Salad
Has this unique aroma/smell and the taste was really flavorful. She didn't put too much of the taco powder, a very unique and amazing way of reimagining the taco without altering the taste but instead enhancing it further to bring out the best on the taco.

Vegetarian Lasagna
I find Lasagna to be a bit complicated, especially with the usual recipe that has ricotta cheese. but with her vegetable lasagna, Chef Mira emphasized that you can use any vegetable that you can find in your fridge to be part of this very healthy lasagna, but remember it has cheese which is one of the components of lasagna.

Pork Belly
Been sucked with the usual way of having pork belly but after the cooking demo, I was able to get a new and improved way of putting magic into my crispy pork belly.

Apple Turon
Banana Turon is one of our classic Pinoy merienda favorites, now, Chef Mira introduced a new recipe to make our merienda more delightful with "Apple Turon", sounds very complicated but it is really easy to prepare and tastes really good that you and your kids will surely love.
Learning new recipes and enhancing your skills in cooking is a good way of making sure that your family continuously enjoy and savor every food that you serve on your table.

For more of Chef Mira Angele's recipes and quality cooking, visit Spell Kitchen located at Tomas Morato, QC.
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