5 Useful Tips for Packing a Healthy School Lunch

One of my struggles as a mom is how to make sure that my pre-schooler finishes her school lunch or snack. Usually, she always comes home with her lunch box untouched. She's been going to school after eating breakfast but I still made sure that I prepared some snacks or lunch for her to bring. Some school has cafeterias or canteen but why do kids hate school lunch? Serving and seeing the same food every day may cause children to lose their appetite or interest in the food that is being served in the school cafeteria.
As a mom, we always want the best for kids. That's why I came up with different ideas on how my daughter will focus on her snack box and finish it.

Here's the list of my simple 5 helpful tips or suggestions for packing healthy school lunch.

1. Make it colorful and fun

- Kindly excuse my funny face. This is my first time to do some art or bento-style for her school lunch.  I used cooked broccoli for hair, nose, and eyes, slices of carrots for lips and to make it colorful I just add some cooked whole corn kernel and carrots.I also add some boneless fried milkfish (daing na bangus), its one of her favorite, some snacks, and her favorite Minnie and Mickey water bottle from Absolute.

2. Prepare Healthily Meal

Children age 5 and above are very active. I can say that they are very opinionated when it comes to food, which is really normal in their age. Actually, I find my daughter Chelsea really cute and adorable every time she tastes new food or dishes. preparing a healthy meal for kids is one of the important things that parents should always take into consideration. You should pay attention to the food that they consume which is vital for the children's growth and mental development  Make sure to include the following in their meal plan; eggs. seafood, meat, bread, cereals, milk, and vegetables.

The photo above is Chelsea's Tuesday lunch box, I prepare Pineapple Mushroom Fried Rice, it has few slices of ham, pineapple tidbits, green peas, carrots and shitake mushrooms.

3. Not too much
 "Too much of anything is bad "
It's better if you put a few slices or choices of healthy food in your kid's lunch box.There's a  higher chance that they will finish it. It's better also to give them water instead of sodas, fruit juices since this kind of beverage has a lot of sugar content.

4. Get their attention and surprise them

Some children find their usual lunch box boring and won't even bother to open it in school and it's frustrating to see your kid's lunch box untouched knowing that you know you prepared a healthy meal for them.

So to put an end to your lunch box dilemma, you can buy or use lunch boxes and water bottles that have cute designs. So recently Absolute Distilled Drinking Water released this cute size water bottles that have different Disney characters on it. To be honest, Chelsea is really lazy when it comes to drinking water, she can't even finish a glass of water every meal, at her age, she should be drinking at least 5-7 glasses of water every day, so when this water bottle came out, it really caught her attention. It has 6 wonderful Disney Character design, Disney Princesses, Frozen, Cars, Nemo, Minnie and Mickey that your kids will surely love. This is her water bottle every day she goes to school and I make sure to put different characters every day in her school lunch box.

5. Fruity Lunch Box
Fruits strengthen the immune system and that's a fact! Adding fruits to their lunch box will add color and it will look more appetizing to their eyes.

Always remember to always go and stick to healthy food choice for your kid's lunch box and make sure that they have enough water to keep them hydrated every time. The same as a healthy meal, water also plays a vital role in our kids mental and growth development.

Hope that you find this simple School Lunch Box Tips helpful. If you have any other School Lunch/ Snacks tips or suggestion kindly share it in the comment box

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What a great post giving a lot of usable ideas to encourage kids to eat their lunch you pack. I love your talent in making it look really appealing which would definitely have an effect. Totally agree that healthy is the way to go wherever possible.
Sahar said…
Great post packed with actionable suggestions, love it. And also love how good the fried rice sounds...
Sam said…
First of all I am impressed your child eats some of that! And we love those mini water bottles, the kids waste less than if I give them a large water bottle, and it's just the right size for lunch boxes and little hands.
Rachel said…
If I prep the fruit and vegetables ahead of time my kids have no issues with packing them in their lunch. They love it when I make packing easy for them.

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