Creating Healthy Meals and Priceless Memories with Lily's

A mother and daughter bond is priceless, every moment is precious and exciting.  These moments can get better if paired with both your favorite snacks and food.
My daughter has always been my kryptonite, we’ve shared a lot of moments together as she grew up, and I can proudly say that our bond is as thick as our favorite peanut butter. Recently I was invited to an event that goals to create healthy recipes and more memories using our favorite, Peanut Butter from Lily’s.

It was a great opportunity for me to bond with my daughter as we both enjoyed our favorite spread. During the event, there were activities for mom and kids that gave an opportunity for parents to bond with their kids and go down the memory lane as the event featured our childhood favorite, Lily’s Peanut butter.

Mother & daughter team work!

Chelsea enjoying her time making some heart shape sandwich with Lily's Peanut Butter spread

Our Bento Snack Box won! 

There is something about Lily’s peanut butter that makes one think of awesome childhood memories. The familiar nutty taste of Lily’s goes hand-in-hand with memorable experiences, whether sharing a sandwich with a best friend at school or being comforted by mommy with a favorite snack after a difficult exam.

As we evolved, so did Lily’s. Today, Lily’s is no longer just the sweet peanut spread that we’ve come to love but a versatile kitchen staple that can transform ordinary fair into dishes that are exciting, delicious, and nutritious.

Made from carefully selected premium peanuts, Lily’s Crunchy Peanut butter is 100 percent natural and free from harmful additives. In fact, the oil that pools on top of a newly-opened jar of Lily’s is evidence that the product is free from chemicals, emulsifiers or stabilizers. Only natural sugar and iodized salt are added to the main ingredient to create that wonderfully creamy and sweet spread that we all love.

It was very wonderful to see that my favorite peanut butter brand “Lily’s” has evolved to match the taste of the millennial generation, providing different variants from the classic peanut butter that we all loved to its coco jam that is made from fresh coconut milk and brown sugar slow cooked the traditional way.
And they didn’t stop there; they also have chocolate peanut butter spread, which combines the indulgence of chocolate with good old Lily’s classic peanut butter. It’s a winner for both kids and adults.
Other variants are Peanut butter crunch that has real peanut bits and Peanut spread Lite that was rolled out to diet-conscious consumers and those who are experiencing health issues.

I am very happy to share a part of my childhood and add another wonderful memory with my daughter and I hope all you mommies can spend quality time with your kids for a  memory that they will truly cherish.

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Meldy Natividad said…
I love reading this... Isa talaga sa best bonding moment is yung do things in the kitchen...
Aiza Azia said…
Yes momshie para sakin bawat may bagong activity kaming ginagawa ng daugther ko memorable sakin. Natutuwa ako sa bonding moment niyo ng anak mo moshie kasi super hilig niyo ang talagang enjoy na enjoy si Chelsie. Pa
divine labbuanan-cabral said…
Super True totoo lang ang sarap palang maging nanay lalo na pag nakikita at nakakasama mo ang anak mo❤❤❤

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