3 of the Best Inventions to Get Your Baby to Sleep

Is your baby having trouble falling asleep at night? If so, then you, as a parent, may be feeling the consequences of their plight with your own sleeplessness. In this article, we will explore some of the best inventions and products that can help your baby fall asleep much easier, so that you can, too!

Why can’t your baby fall asleep at night?

There are many possible reasons why your baby has trouble falling asleep at bedtime. Many new parents go through the same problem with their babies having difficulty falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night every so often, and here are some of the possible reasons why this is happening:

The most obvious possible reason is that your baby has wet himself, pooped, or is hungry. Aside from these reasons;
Your baby may have missed a nap or two during the day and is now wired during the nighttime
Your baby is too excited by too much activity during those supposed to be ‘winding down’ hours before bedtime
Your baby is getting too much stimulation from sounds or light
Your baby is too uncomfortable to sleep or too unfamiliar with the surroundings

No matter what the reason is, you can help your baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer with some sleeping aids. Here are some of the best products that can help to get you and your baby some much-needed shuteye.

3 best inventions to help your baby fall asleep

1. Swaddling blankets or sleep sacks

For babies that are below three to four months old, swaddling can help them sleep better and longer throughout the night. Swaddling is the practice of wrapping your babies in special blankets or swaddling outfits that can simulate the feeling of being in the womb. Babies who are swaddled get to have more peaceful and longer sleep times, and the practice reduces crying and the chances of them rolling over during sleep.

At first, swaddling can be difficult for both you and your baby, but you will soon get used to the routine and so will your little one. There are many swaddling products available for you to choose from, such as infant wraps, sleep sacks, original swaddle outfits, arms-up swaddles, swaddling onesies, and many other types of swaddling products that can help your baby get more peaceful nights.

2. The Baby Shusher and other white noise machines

The Baby Shusher works like a white noise machine, but instead of random white noise, this device emits loud and rhythmic shushing noises that trigger the baby’s natural calming reflex. This device mimics the sounds inside the womb, which are both familiar and calming to them, and can be very effective for newborns.

This product is perfect for parents who are exhausted and need some time to themselves. The Baby Shusher can be customized to how loud it needs to be (louder than your baby’s cry) and for how long it needs to play (fifteen or thirty minutes). Due to its small size, this device can also be taken anywhere you need it to be, such as the car, on vacation, or at grandma’s house.

On the other hand, you can also try to use a regular white noise baby machine. White noise machines create monotonous noise that blocks out other sounds that can startle your baby awake. These devices are especially important for families who live in pretty noisy environments, such as in the city or in a busy neighborhood.

White noise machines come with different types of sounds, such as soothing lullabies or a mother’s heartbeat. They are found to help babies sleep much faster and prevent them from waking unnecessarily because of outside noise, so that you can have extra time for yourself and other activities as well.

3. Self-soothing objects or loveys

For babies that are least a year old and older toddlers, you can give them products that can help helm self-soothe, such as blankies, plushies, and other soft objects that they can hold in order to relax themselves. These self-soothing objects can comfort most kids and provide some form of entertainment while trying to fall asleep. However, if you’re going to give your child a stuffed animal or blankie, make sure there aren’t any choking hazards or itchy material such as tags, plastic eyes, or loose attachments.

These self-soothing items can also help children transition from being wholly dependent on their parents to a more independent child. Small blankies, teddy bears, and stuffed animals can provide them with a sense of comfort and a reminder of their parents, which can make them feel safe and secure especially in unfamiliar situations.

Children may become attached to their self-soothing items or ‘loveys’ until they turn two or three years old. Some children don’t outgrow it until they reach preschool or kindergarten where they get their first taste of society. However, it’s important not to pressure kids to give up their object until they are ready, especially if it helps them fall asleep at night.


Babies can cause a parent’s sleepless nights if they can’t fall asleep easily or wake up too much in the middle of the night. Most people may think this is normal, but not getting enough sleep can hinder you from taking care of yourself, your other kids, and other important things like your job and house. If you find yourself needing some extra help with your baby’s bedtime ritual, these are the best inventions that can help them fall asleep and stay asleep for a much longer time.

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Lovell Compoc said…
bago sakin ung baby shusher mommy 😊 ung #1 naggawa ko sa mga kids yan heheh..Dami tips mommy malaking help sa amin lalo na sa mga 1st time mom.
Vivian Yuen said…
I've heard that swaddling blankets are a godsend for parents. Definitely bookmarking this post for the future!
Melissa said…
These are all great ideas and I have used all 3 for all of my kids!! My 2 year old actually still sleeps with a sound machine.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for this tips momshie. may time talaga kung minsan na ang hirap patulugin ang baby..
Thanks for this very helpful tips to all parents specially to all 1st time mom like me ^_^
Monidipa Dutta said…
I don't have a baby. But these are some very useful tips I must say for moms.
Marta said…
These are great tips. I had a moose bear thing when I was a kid, and I still have it on my shelf as a memory. It was my #1 thing I had to have to sleep.
Rhian Westbury said…
I don't have kids myself so I would never have thought about some of these methods. Such a useful post for new and to be mums x
Nidhi Fouzdar said…
These tips would be helpful for me in near future :)
Jelena said…
I remember when my three children were babies. I only had problems with sleeping with my first child, with the other two getting easier.
Navita said…
Putting babies to sleep is one of the most challenging tasks for young parents, especially parents for the first time. Thanks for these tips. Will share with my friends who have little ones as they could get some rest with these insights.
Great article. You did some great research. Very nice post and tips
I had all 3 items when my boys were babies. Great ideas here for making baby's sleep comfy and peaceful.
Stella Olojola said…
Sleeping bags helped my twins settle when they were newborns. They started sleeping through from 3 months.
Aiai Damigo said…
Ay maganda to in the future :). Dont have baby yet but its nice to know some tips!
Matt Hulland said…
Great info. I have a one-year-old boy and he is so hard to get to sleep at night, maybe we should try to introduce some self-soothing.
Jonna Cielo said…
Thank you for sharing this momshie. :) godbless more more
Christina Pilat said…
I love the idea of swaddling blankets. I wish I had one as an adult lol. I like that this list is great for all different ages and the growing stages of babies.
Corina said…
The post is so important for the parents and specially to the new moms, every parents should try these inventions for their babies.
xo Corina

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