5 Kitchen Hacks that Every Practical Mom Should Know

If there is one thing that we Filipinos love, that is no other than food and eating, no wonder we have a lot of Filipinos who cooks wonderful dishes. We always think about the memories and the bond that we build everytime we eat with our loved ones, and that is one of the reason why we always wanted to cook for our family and friends and that is why Jolly Claro Palm Oil shares not only how to save and budget your grocery but also in setting you up for a healthy-eating success.

Here are some kitchen hacks that won’t only focus on the health of the whole family but also boost your savings:

1.     Create a meal plan.  Meal planning won’t only save us time and money, it can also reduce our daily stress of thinking about what dish to prepare for the day.  In this day and age where fast-paced lifestyle is the new normal, weekly meal planning can save us from food waste. In addition, it’s also a great opportunity to delve into your cookbooks, collect recipes online, and build your library of recipes. This way, you won’t surely run out of new ideas while cutting your grocery cost.

2.  Prepare a grocery list.  With a bit of creativity and planning, you can make exciting and delicious meals by ensuring you have a grocery list on hand. Sothe trick is to keep a pen and a notepad and clip it in front of your fridge and pantry. Next, allot time in jotting down a list of everything that you have inside. For instance, you have a kilo of chicken breast, 10 eggs, or half a kilo of tilapia. Every time you use something up, immediately cross it off the list.  This trick will help you to see what you have and what you don’t have at a glance.

3. Compare prices for different groceries and brands. In addition to making a list, checking groceries and supermarkets near you about their latest promotions would help you in scoring the best deals and discounts. Checking various store flyers, websites, social media accounts, and comparing unit prices on different brands take time, but that extra amount of effort could make a huge difference to your savings account.

4. Keep a regular stock of must-have items in your kitchen. If you needed the reason to believe that you should keep in your pantry a list of ingredients essentials, think of this opportunity to expand your repertoire.   Cheese, eggs, and butter, are some of the dairy mainstays you can count on because of the many dishes you can make out of it. Chicken is one of the staples you can prepare in a variety of ways, so stocking up different parts for later use from legs, breast, and wings can save you from last-minute grocery runs. Lastly, we’re big proponents of items that don’t need refrigeration and are versatile to use in many dishes—like rice, pasta, canned tomatoes, and palm oil. Using cooking oil that has a high smoke point such as Jolly Claro Palm Oil, you can prepare a variety of flavorful recipes and dishes for the whole family. This hack won’t only save you time for lazy weeknight dinner recipes, you’ll be glad too that it’s there when your family is looking for deliciously no-fuss meals instead of calling for home delivery.

 5.   Buy in bulk and cook at home. A well-stocked pantry of kitchen essentials won’t only encourage you to cook exciting and relevant dishes, it’s also a winner to your wallet. Buy products in a bundle or in bulk, especially products that are non-perishable and can be stocked in the pantry like cooking oil. Jolly Claro Palm Oil is a healthier alternative because it is cholesterol-free and is rich in Vitamin A. “Palm oil is one of the underrated oils in the market, but Jolly Claro Palm Oil begs to differ as it doesn’t solidify as fast as other palm oils in the market and resists oxidation, which causes the ‘pag-anta’ or rancid after taste.  Unlike other tingi brands in the market, Jolly Claro Palm Oil boasts quality as it has gone through a 5-step process: twice filtered and refined thrice, true to its tagline “Oilinis, Oilinaw, Oilinamnam”, said Product Manager of Jolly Claro Palm Oil, Maita Monsalud. “Jolly Claro Palm Oil remains clear and neutral even after several usages, making it really sulit,” she added.

With these simple tricks, any practical homemaker who already loves food could save more and enjoy deliciously affordable meals for the whole family. Available at all major groceries and supermarkets nationwide, be sure to take advantage of Jolly Claro Palm Oil duo pack and save P10 in every purchase.For more information, visit their Facebook Page on https://www.facebook.com/JollyClaro/

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IamAnafe Compoc said…
Good morning mommy dhess..Thanks for the tips and idea of this healthy recipe👍😋
sobrang nkktulong po tlga lahat ng healthy foods na ina uppload nio po sana wag po kaung mag sawa na mag post dming tips nkukuha hehehe
jennifer londe said…
GOOd morning mommy thank you po for all this tipS and idea of this healthy recipes..✋😍😍👍😘😘
Jonna Cielo said…
Salamat po sa mga tips momshie..
Thanks for the healthy meal always Mamsh😊😊😊❤️
Atheena Reyes said…
nice tips mommy...malaking tulomg sakin to lalot araw araw akong namamalengke..minsan d ko naiisip ung budget basta nalang akong nakakabili kc wala sa plano...basta ang gusto ko nlng mkabili basta at may uulamin kami ganun..pero noong nabasa ko to mommy ayon naglaroon ako ng ideas...thank you

FB:@Atheena Reyes
Lovell Compoc said…
I find these effective Momsh, di ako constant kasi jotting down but i buy in bulk and made sure may stock at home too�� Isa sa challenging part kasi is planning and preparing. Salamat Momsh��
Cris Vergara said…
Thanks momshie Dhess sa tips. Medyo hirap lang ako mag-isip ng lulutuin kasi ang aarte ng mga anak ko sa ulam 😆
Good ideas po Momshie Dess! Thank you po sa tips, dami naming natutunang mga mommy.
pchi peach said…
Weekly po aq nag grogroceries, talgang nag sstock aq nga mga nid q para di ako plabas labas since may baby aq. gumagawa aq list kung anu lulutuin aq every day at un ang binibili q para ndi din sayang po.
Salamat po sa tips momshie mahilig kami magcompare ng price kung san mas makamura dun kami hehe and syempre meal plan muna 😍

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