Experience Italy with Shakey's new Prosciutto Parmigiano Pizza

Italy is one of the country that is known for its history, culture, scenic views, famous structures, latest fashion trends and sumptuous cuisine. One of  most iconic food in Italy is  pizza. Who will say no to this good old comfort food of every family.
I can definitely  say that Italy is a dream travel destination of anyone.

Imagine sailing at the Venice Canals or taking your tourist photo at the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa while enjoying the richness of taste and culture of Italian cuisine known for the origins of pasta, lasagna and of course pizza.

As the country celebrated for inventing pizza, it is a must for visiting tourists to try an authentic Italian pizza and taste the history of one of the most famous and beloved food around the world.

However, not everyone can go to Italy. But what if Italy comes to your favorite pizza restaurant and serve you an Italian inspired flavor of a pizza? Starting to crave already?

Introducing Shakey’s Prosciutto Parmigiano Pizza. This new pizza has a generous serving of Prosciutto slices, a premium Italian ham usually only served in expensive dining restaurants. Topped with shaved parmesan and fresh Italian flat parsley on Shakey’s signature thin crust, you’ll easily be transported to Italy through the delicious and distinctive taste of this new favorite.

Ready to try this newest pizza craving? Travel to your nearest Shakey’s restaurants now and enjoy the new Proscioutto Parmigiano Pizza for only Php 550.00.
You can also enjoy this in the comfort of your home. You can order via Shakey's Facebook messenger, www.shakeyspizza.com or dial #77777 Toll Free for Globe and TM subscriber.

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I love eating Pizza . comfort food ko yan kaya kaht anong pizza especially Hawaiian Bet na bet ko😋😋😋
Jessica said…
Madali lang magorder wala lang pangorder mamsh. Hehe grabe from itallian pa pala pizza. Mukhang ang sarap naman talaga. 😊
Melanie Calosor said…
Wow who wouldn't say no for pizza everybody loves it sarap at hindi nakakasawa mga flavors nila and definitely this new flavor of Shakey's Prosciutto Parmigiano Pizza �� nakakatakam mamsh
Unknown said…
Im a pizza lover and we make sure na kahit twice a week makakain kami

Cordovilla Navora Maribel (FB acct)
Aizza Sebastian said…
Wow!bagong natutunan n nmn po sa inyo momsh na ang Prosciutto ay isang klase ng ham po pla. Para nrin po tayo pumunta ng Italy everytime kakain ng Pizza momsh.One of my favorite food.Yummy!

FB:Aizza Sebastian
Aizza Sebastian here
Aiza Gregorio said…
Bagong variant ng shakeys sarap na man po nito moms.. Onr of the famous food sa italy.. Kaya na man patok din sa ating bansa ang pizza kasi sa flavoring at lasa nito.. Yummy pizza 🍕🍕😋
Shakeys talaga unang pumapasok sa isip ko everytime I heard pizza. HEHEHE! the best kasi pizza nila eh.

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