Fresh and Affordable Seafood at SouthSide Grill Las Piñas

Recently, I have been craving for some seafood, particularly crabs, prawns, and mussels. This craving brought me to the newest seafood place in the south, The South Side Grill.

Located at Manila Doctors Village in Las Pinas City, very accessible and just near SM South Mall, The South Side Grill is a Resto-Bar that offers delicious and fresh seafood on their menu, I usually bring anti-histamine with me whenever I have to eat seafood since I tend to have an allergic reaction if the served any seafood that is not fresh, but I didn't need to worry about it since what they serve is really fresh.

Here are some of the food that I would say you must try:

🔹Singaporean Chili Shrimps
For all of you who loves a twist and spice on your food, this one is for you. Enjoy your shrimps on a spicy level that is still tolerable that will make you sweat while you munch.

🔹Inihaw Platter
Good for sharing with your barkada or family or if you are just in the mood to finish the entire platter of Inihaw

Aside from those you can also try these other options on their menu, they have Seafood Platter, Crispy crablets, Chicharon bulaklak, Buttered Chicken, Grilled talong & okra, Heart attack Crab, Salmon Head Sinigang and Kani

And if you still can't get enough of crabs, try their Unli-Crab Promo with Unlimited rice, you'll never go wrong with the big crabs served with crab meat fried rice on the first serving of rice and Iced Tea, and of course, the rest of the rice serving is plain rice.

This place is best for Family, Barkada, together with your partner or if you just simply want to eat fresh seafood.

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Aizza Sebastian said…
npapalunok po ako sa takam ko sa mga seafoods na yan momsh..Love it.We must try to visit soon yan momsh with my family and friends.😍😋😋

FB: Aizza Sebastian
IG: aizza_sebastian18
OMG momsh, ang sasarap naman niyan. Seafood is Life😍
Melanie Calosor said…
Wow sarap momsh masarap talaga seafoods hindi nakakaumay at nakakasawa 👍😍
Jessica said…
Grabe mamsh natakam ako. Sarap for date with husband or family bonding.. Halos lahat kame nangangain ng seafoods. 😊
Unknown said…
Wow....nakaka gutoooom!! My all time fave...Seafoods!!..
Nolour De los Santos said…
My favorite!!!Seafoods!!! Mouthwatering foodies!!!
Seafood is life !!! Talagang mapapa unli ka sa seafood at rice!
jennifer londe said…
Seafoods naku po amen yan ang pinaka weakness kong pagkain mommy mapaparami ka ng kanin hahhhha
Jhaydenkyle026 said…
Sarap naman ng seafood..
Makakarami ako ng kanin nito..
Joanna tarona said…
Sarap naman nian..

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