6 Essentials To Pack in Your Child's Summer Camp Bag


Summer camp is a right of passage for many children. It is a time for them to spread their wings and develop interpersonal skills away from their parents and siblings. In many ways, summer camp is the first real experience of independence for little ones, which can be terrifying for parents. They worry about whether their child will make the best decisions for themselves. Sometimes, parents wanting to protect their children will go a little overboard with purchases of a multivitamin pack, first aid kits, and a number of other items their child will likely never touch over the course of a week or two away from home. Still, while you do not want to go overboard with your purchases, you do want to ensure your little one has everything they need, including the top six essentials.

1. Medicines To Pack Your Child

When you send your little one off to camp, you need to consider the different medicines they will need, and not just prescriptions. For example, it is a good idea to send them with summer cold remedies or allergy pills or creams. While most camps will have creams for typical things like poison ivy, you should still ensure your child is prepared.

2. Vitamins To Pack Your Child

When you are with your child every day, you know what they eat and what vitamins they need. Unfortunately, when they are at camp, you do not know what their diet is actually like, even if you see a meal plan. Therefore, before sending your little camper out the door, ensure they have a bottle of kids multivitamin gummies.

3. Entertainment To Pack Your Child

A summer camp will include full days and multiple activities, but your child will also get some downtime. It is important that they have something they enjoy in their quiet moments. For example, does your kid like to read or draw? If so, include a couple of books or drawing materials in their supplies.

4. Clothing To Pack Your Child

Every summer camp is different, so you will want to pack clothes according to the location. Additionally, you will want to pack extra clothes in case of accidents. The fundamental clothing list includes:



Jacket (just in case)

Extra underwear and socks



5. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a must. Germs will ruin your child's summer camp experience quicker than most things. Therefore, teach your child proper hygiene and when to use hand sanitizer. Ensure they know not to touch their faces when out in public and wash their hands after interactions.

6. Reusable Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle will ensure your child always has water on hand. You can buy bottles with wrist straps, which can help your little one remember to grab the bottle on the go.

Are you ready for your child to go off to summer camp? Most parents never feel ready. However, you can talk with the teachers and adults going on the trip to ensure every safety precaution is in place.