Food trip at Calle Mercado Food Bazaar

Last weekend, I was craving for something but not sure what it was. Since it was Saturday,I asked my husband if we can just go out,stroll and check out some nearby restaurant or cafes in the area.
We ended up at the Villar Sipag in C5 Extension.I saw some fastfood like Jollibee and Chowking but I'm not craving for Chicken Joy or Chowfan that time.

Then I saw this food bazaar. At first I was hesitant to check it,I thought it was a private party or gathering since they have Halloween theme display.
Glad to know that it was a Halloween Rave Party and open to the public. 

Since I'm a foodie and same goes with my husband. We are so excited to try  all those foods though we ended up buying only the food that we like.

FYI ,I really love sushi,maki and most of the Japanese dish. 
That's why I make sure to try this one.
Bought this Crispy Sushi at the Booth No. 5 for 160/ 6pcs. It has a crispy thing on top that looks like a chicharon and 
it has mangoes,crabstick,mayo and cucumber .Because I'm so excited to try and taste it I didn't focus much on the details or ingredients inside.
The taste is great!.The rice mixture is perfect for my taste. Its not sour or bland. I usually buy sushi or maki In different store ( I won't name it na lang)  the rice mixture is too sour and it doesn't taste good .
2 Thumbs Up for this Sushi.Love it promise.

Crispy Sushi

Me and my husband Mike really love streetfoods .Though my grandma always get mad at me when she heard or saw me eating this kind of food.
Inihaw like Pork BBQ, Isaw ,Chicken Feet, and many more  are  available in Booth #23
The Isaw is Php20 per stick
When it comes to taste ,its thesame with other ihaw-ihaw store though its a bit pricey.
The Pork BBQ is great, the meat is soft and tender. Chelsea loves it.


Chelsea and I are enjoying our food. She really like the Pork BBQ while I'm enjoying my crispy sushi.

Mike is an avid fan of noodles. He directly go straight in the booth that sells noodles.
Mike ordered LA Paz Batchoy. I also tried it.The noodles is already soggy,it's soup base is too salty.Too much noodles in the disposable bowl but not enough soup. 
LA Paz Batchoy is Php 90.00/serving
which I think is not worthy.

There's a lot of variety of dishes in the Calle Mercado Food Bazaar.There are booth that sells seafoods,desserts, Nachos, Emapanadas,Shawarma and many more.

Inihaw na liempo ,Salted Egg, Ensaladang Talong and Rice Php150.00

Craving satisfied!
Calle Mercado Food Bazaar is open during weekend ,Friday to Sunday.
Bring your family and friends.Enjoy your favorite food and dishes. 

Thinking where to go next. any suggestion guys? Food Bazaar ? 
I'm going for the resto hunt for yummiest and mouthwatering Xiao Long Bao in the city .
Thank you for reading and visiting mg blog.Hope you enjoyed your stay!


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