Buhay Carinderia... Redefined will Showcase the Best of the Best in Filipino Culinary Scene

I still remember when my grandmother wakes up early in the morning and starts her kitchen routine. She usually prepares  almost all if my favorite breakfast  meals in big casseroles and you can even guess what's cooking just by smell, like Sopas, Champorado, Pansit Guisado, Spaghetti,  Puto at Dinuguan, Menudo, Afritada, Sinigang na Bangus, and some fried dishes. With a queue of neighbors outside our house is what I usually see every morning in my nanay Taba's carinderia.

Carinderia are somehow like a fast food chains that offers quick home cooked meals. Very popular for Filipinos who doesn't have time to cook. This also serves as an authentic identity of our food history.

TPB COO Cesar Montano; DOT secretary Wanda Teo
Credits to Buhay Carinderia

Last April 11, I was one of the media bloggers who was invited to The Buhay Carinderia... Redefined media launch. The event was attended by Secretary Wanda Teo of the Department of Tourism, COO Cesar Montano of the Tourism Promotions Boards, and media.

Cesar Montano; Chief Operating officer of the Tourism Promotions Board expects that Buhay Carinderia... Redefined will help and allow the people behind the carinderia, wherever they may be located, to have a chance to showcase their talents to a wider audience.


Marylindbert International, Inc. acknowledge this Filipino culture and customs in 2011. They initiated an advocacy called Carinderia Fiesta which was later renamed BUHAY CARINDERIA to help improve the carinderia's image and help the entrepreneurs behind every carinderia. They also aim to present the unique style of cooking of every carinderia owner to a wider audience.

Buhay Carinderia.. redefined focus on the history of the local Filipino dishes using the natural and native ingredients to accentuate the Filipino home-cooked flavours.

This Unique Culinary spectacle is supported for the first time of the Tourism Promotions Board of the  Department of Tourism, as its Sole presenter. The" Buhay Carinderia...Redefined" is scheduled to scour the whole country in search for the best of the best culinary scene.


First to be visited are the 15 provinces in Northern Luzon in regions 1 and 2 as well as the Cordillera Administrative  Region ( CAR ). From these cities and town, they will identify the best dishes that includes the person or individual that prepared the dishes and the carinderia's where they work for. These culinary local experts will gather at the Vigan Convention Center from 28 June to29 June, wherein they are going to share their talent to everyone but also they have a chance to interact with chosen students of the area, through the mentoring partnership, this is a great initiative to pass on their skills and experiences.

" During the two-day exposition to showcase all the surrounding province's culinary gems, we will also be searching for young individuals who will become our Philippine Tourism Millennial Ambassadors.They should enlighten everyone of their town's ( city's ) deep and multicultural food history," says Legaspi

This same framework will be followed as " Buhay Carinderia... Redefined" explores  Central Luzon (particularly in Pampanga, regarded as one of the culinary capital of the Philippines), the Bicol Region, the Visayas Region ( Regions 6,7, and 8 ) and finally Mindanao region ( Regions 9,10,11, 12, and 13).

Erwan Huesaff

The Content Creator of Buhay Carinderia Redefined

If you know the man behind the blog " thefatkidinside" with millions of views since 2011and a has millions of followers in his social media accounts, for sure you already know why the Buhay Carinderia ... Redefined organizer tap him to be their Content Creator. Erwan Huesaff is known as a well around foodie, a restaurant and bar investor, an online personality, husband of the actress Anne Curtis and the brother of the actress, TV host Solenn Huesaff.
Erwan is also an advocate for healthy and affordable dishes. He is interested and curious to learn more about the Filipino food.

Like what happened in Vigan, there will also be a culminating two-day event in San Fernando, Pampanga; in Naga; in Cebu; and in Davao City.

The nine-month-long culinary journey all over the Philippines. the "Buhay Carinderia... Redefined will be staged the biggest culinary exposition in November where all the regionals best under one roof will be showcased. There will be an exchange of knowledge and with the experts and most successful personalities that will be invited.

Legaspi explains that the real pride in each town or city visited is not only the community's rich agricultural heritage but the recipes linked to it.

For more details and information about the Buhay Carinderia... Redefined visit https://www.facebook.com/BuhayCarinderia/

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