Achieve your wellness goals with Jolly Cow Non Fat Milk

Summer is just around the corner and most of you wants to achieve the best beach body. Jolly Cow Non Fat Milk is the perfect partner for a healthier lifestyle and wellness goals. 

By now, most of us probably know already the benefits of milk as it contains chock-full of vitamins, electrolytes, and nutrients. And whether you want to light things up or just simply committing to healthier choices, consider rebooting your habits that includes drinking Jolly Cow Non Fat Milk—a delicious and creamy UHT Fresh Milk sourced from Germany's biggest dairy farm where the purest and most premium milk is packed.

Made of 100% pure cow’s milk, Jolly Cow Non Fat Milk contains 0.3% butterfat or the natural fatty constituent of cow’s milk. Aside from its high calcium, protein, vitamins and mineral contents, Jolly Cow Non Fat Milk’s unique Ultra High Treatment (UHT) process allows to preserve the milk’s quality and safety. Jolly Cow Non Fat Milk also possesses greater benefits for your health, that’s why making it a part of your active lifestyle will help you achieve your wellness goals. 


Adding Jolly Cow Non Fat Milk in your daily regimen will aid in repairing your muscles after a strenuous exercise. Additionally, studies also suggest that consuming non-fat milk like Jolly Cow following a resistance exercise helps in promoting losses in body fat as compared with soy or sports drinks.

Athletes and work out warriors won’t only find nourishment in Jolly Cow Non Fat Milk’s delicious taste, it’s also a great post-exercise rehydration aid. Along with a healthy lifestyle, Jolly Cow Non Fat Milk will help you get fit and recharged while ensuring you’ve got all the essential nutrients that our body needs daily.


Don’t be confused with all the options that are available around, choosing guilt-free milk should be deliciously simple.  Jolly Cow Non Fat Milk is ready-to-drink and is an ideal breakfast companion for cereals, oatmeal, or an ingredient for a variety of recipes for baking or cooking. And since Jolly Cow Non Fat Milk is sourced from one of the world’s strictest European quality controlled sources, each drop is guaranteed richer, creamier, and tastier, that’s why it also makes the perfect partner for coffee and smoothies.

Available in one-liter size, Jolly Cow Non Fat Milk has a variety of usage & essential nutrients, so there’s no reason why you should run out of Jolly Cow Non Fat Milk in your pantry!

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Lovell Compoc said…
i also loves Non Fat Milk Ms Dhess, as is and served cold minsan i incorporate it to cereals or oats even the kids too gusto eto. I have tried this Jolly cow and I like its taste so far plus the health benefits 🙂
IamAnafe Compoc said…
Wow jolly non fat...ito din minsan binibili ko sa grocery..masarap sya tapos affordable pa..👍👍👍
jennifer londe said…
I love to try din mommy nabasa ko kasi ang dami pala din magandang benefits lagi ko kasi binibili yunh kulay green so nextime na mag grocery ako try ko bumili..
Gusto Kong itry Ito Mamsh. Non-fat.
Maraming syang benefits lalo na sa bones😊
Gusto Kong itry Ito Mamsh. Non-fat.
Maraming syang benefits lalo na sa bones😊
Cris Vergara said…
Nice maitry nga ito. Madalas kasi na binibili ko yung selecta or nestle milk.
Atheena Reyes said…
naitry ko na to mommy..masarap xa pag ice cold..perfect this summer din hehehe at madami ring health benefits
Ang dami po palang Health Benefits nitong Jolly Cow's Milk, try ko din toh Momsh one of this days sa supermarket na binibilhan ko.. Ito ang kailangan nating mga mommy for strong bones and muscles and rich in calcium, para malakas ang ating katawan everyday kase lagi tayong busynga mga mommies sa sobra nating duties amd responsibilities sa bahay kailangan talaga natin ng extra energy.
Jonna Cielo said…
Mukang masarap ito momshie. And need din talaga natin uminom ng gantong milk makakatulong ito sa. Kalusugan natin..
Love it Jolly Cow Non Fat Milk super healthy 100% pure cows milk pati kids ko favorite po ito tapus lalagyan nila ng cereals hehe
ohh? mganda pla sken to hahaha lalo nat lumalaki nako hahha gusto ko matry to hehe
EmCel Fajardo said…

Gusto ko ito at sarap ka partner ng kellogs o kaya ng oatmeal sa umaga, okey ito panlaban sa puyatan at dagdag lakas at resistensiya
Jhas Mhen said…
Try ko nga to, I love overnight oars kasi plus I'm making buttermilk pancakes for my kids breakfast and baon. Sakto to para di nakakaguilty kahit inumin ko lagi or gamitin sa shakes 😋

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