Common Health Risks for People who works in BPO Companies

I started working in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry way back 2007. Being a college undergraduate, I had to support my family and BPO had been my only hope. I worked as a Senior Account Representative in one of the biggest telecommunication company here in the Philippines but the income will not suffice my family’s daily needs. I must say that BPO had been a great help for me and my family.

Working in a BPO will definitely help you financially. In return, you will have a lot to sacrifice. You will have sleep deprivation since you will be working at night most of the time (graveyard shifts). You will not even notice the date, as most of the accounts you will be working for have different time zones. You will turn to foods, (comfort foods) when you are burned and stressed out. You will have less and less time to exercise. As a result, many call center employees are obese.

Common Health Risk 

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Carpal Tunnel  Syndrome 
  • Bone Loss
  • Ulcer
  • Anemia

Another effect of BPO Industry? Pre-mature ageing!

Sixty percent of the Filipino workers is ageing prematurely. Imagine more than have of working Filipinos admitted that their overall health and fitness is much older than their real age. Premature ageing is sometimes the root cause of exhaustion, stress, and affecting our will to do the things, we mostly enjoy doing.

During an intimate event hosted by Anlene dubbed as
" Fight Premature Ageing with Anlene  " last March 7, 2019 held at Manila House, we did a test using the Tanita Body Composition Analyzer and the result was  my  Metabolic Age is 64. Ms.Velandria said that Premature Ageing and obesity are often caused by lifestyle and food choices. Being a call center employee means being able to eat fast – often unhealthy, being able to sleep less and exercise seldom.

“Half of Filipinos aged 19-60 are not getting enough protein, while more than 90% don’t get enough calcium, which can lead to bone, muscle, and joint deterioration and weakness,” says Ms. Fely Velandria, registered nutritionist dietician and former Senior Science Research Specialist of FNRI - DOST. Jo Ann V. Salamat, Fonterra Brands Philippines’

Nutrition Manager, supports this, saying, “Low bone density and poor muscle mass brought about by lack of calcium and protein, may affect one’s ability to stay active and to keep up with day to day challenges. Unfortunately, with everyone’s busy lifestyle, balancing work, family and traffic, we tend to compromise on our food choices, sleep and exercise. That’s why even younger adults are experiencing premature ageing.”

For almost 30 years, Anlene has championed healthy ageing among adults of all ages. Anlene offers a range of milk products that strengthen bones, joints, and muscles to enable movement that is critical to healthy ageing.

Each glass of Anlene provides you the following:
Twice the calcium of regular milk and 100% of an adult’s daily calcium needs
High protein for muscle development
Collagen, unlike other milk brands

“Everybody needs to move, whether you’re busy at work or at home taking care of your family and kids. Anlene understands that adults now live increasingly busy lives and we want to make it easier to make healthy choices to improve their work lives and personal lives,” says Jasmin Magsajo, Fonterra Brands Philippines’ Marketing Director.

 “We want Filipino adults to live their best lives at any age.”

It is brand’s advocacy to help Filipino become well-versed about their body’s age. Anlene will be supporting iCare BPO Health Lifestyle Caravan. This is Department of Health’s initiated campaign aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle among us, BPO heroes! They will be using Tanita’s Body Composition Analyzer, which helps determine body’s metabolic age, bone density, muscle mass, fat mass and body water percentage. They will be visiting BPO offices and will collaborate with Local Government units that also comes with free consultation, with medical experts who will also provide tips on how to conclude premature ageing.

Back in 2007, I did not really worry about my health. I care less about the food I take, did not mind going to work with 3-4 hours of sleep. As I age, and developed slipped disc, I started to care more about my health. Being a work at home mom, I had to fight all these illnesses and had to stay young.

Let us start the movement towards healthy lifestyle, cease premature ageing and unnecessary bone disorders. Get that much-needed calcium, protein and collagen. Move as young as you feel inside. Because the freedom to move starts with strong bones – with Anlene every day, you can do more!

Anlene is available in ready-to-drink and powdered milk formats in plain, chocolate and their newest flavor White Coffee, in Lazada, all leading supermarkets, groceries, drugstores and convenience stores nationwide. To learn more about Anlene, visit

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Malaki talaga ang sacrifices ng mga call center agent. Kc sa Gabi sila nag tatrabaho maraming health risk ang haharapin nila wala na silang time mag exercise tapos more on junkfoods pa para iwas antok.. Kaya may Anlene Para strong pa rin ang Bones nila.
jennifer londe said…
Thank you for sharing mommy i share ko ito sa mga kakilala ko n nag wowork sa bpo..
Gem Combis said…
I am planning to work pa naman in BPO industry and dahil sa nabasa kong ito para bang nagdadalawang isip ako.. Pero kailangan talaga e to support my daughter's need. Inom na lang ng Anlene para may health support.
tnx moms for sharing share ko na lng po to pra malan ng ibang mommy❤️
I think Healthy lifestyle is needed when you are working especially whenworking at the BPO company whos working at night. We need an extra energy, so we need to drink Anlene for healthy bones and muscles and rich in calcium. Thank you Mommy for sharing. Health is wealth po talaga.
Bpo employee ang asawa ko kaya pala parang naging chubby sya wag nmn sana maging obese hehe kaya kelangan nya ng Anlene para mafight ang premature ageing, salamat sa Anlene dahil magvisit sila sa mga BPO offices sana isa po dun sa asawa ko sa Alorica Cubao hehe para mainform about sa healthy lifestyle dahil prone sila, thanks Momshie 😍
IamAnafe Compoc said…
Sakto talaga 'tong Anlene sa mga nagwowork sa BPO kasi baliktad talaga oras nila sa work..hirap tlaga pag night shift..i sshare ko nalang 'to momshie sa mga kakilala kong nagwowork as call center agents������
EmCel Fajardo said…

Puyat talaga ang kalaban kapag night shift at para humihina ang resistensya yan ang experience ko sa pag wowork sa gabi at para hindi antukin idadaan sa kain.. Pagdating naman sa house di agad makatulog aasikaso pa sa bagets tapos kapag nakapasok na sa school di ka parin agad makakatulog kasi nga init ng panahon kaya dapat extra energy at alert ang mind para focus sa pag wowork kailangan ng anlene para makabawi ng lakas at pagod..
Jhas Mhen said…
Previous job ko is sa BPO at marami talagang lumaki sa team namin. Medyo unhealthy mga food sa pantry, puro sugar at coffee pa to keep you awake. Hindi naman ako tumaba kasi I'm still breastfeeding my daughter plus nagpapump pa ako sa office. Pero mataas ung cholesterol ko then mababa calcium ko. I resigned din to focus on my baby.but now, I want to go back, il just take vitamins and try anlene para healthy at di magkasakit

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