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Promil Four iShine 7 Recital at SMX Aura

As parents, we would love to see our kids grow to their full potential and excel in whatever field they may take. Every milestone that they achieve towards their dreams is like a star that brightly shines to us.

This is the exact feeling that I have during the Promil Four's i-Shine 7 Celebrate Gift Recital at SMX Aura, the feeling of being proud, excitement for my daughter and for each i-Shiner kids that performed and showcased their gifts during the recital.

The event was hosted by seasoned actress Dimples Romana, who has been hosting Promil Four's i-Shine ever since its beginning in 2009. as the program is about to start, I can hear the voices of the proud parents like me who are excited to see their child on stage.

Over 270 Promil Four i-Shine 7 talent camp i-Shiner graduates took the stage to shine bright, wowing the audience with amazing creations and inspiring performances during the recital. You can hear the cheers and applause of every parent as they witnessed future artists, dancers, musicians, ballerinas, and actors conquer the stage.

The celebration began with the members of the Art Camp, under the mentorship of teacher Robert Alejandro of Papemelroti and Teacher Kara of Masterpiece Movement cultivated the value of imagination through creative exploration and self-expression as they showcased a lovely mural & tunnel they worked during their workshop.

My husband and I were one of those who are cheering for our daughter as we saw the crafts that they were able to create during the duration of her art camp, and it was a really fulfilling sight as a parent.

The next camp that showcased the talent of their participants are the Dance Camp, mentored by G-Force choreographers and guided by Teacher Dapat-Sy, brought the house down with both beginner and intermediate hip-hop moves. Parents can't help but give in to the dance groove as they see their kids on the stage dancing together to the beat. You can feel the energy in every dance moves.

After a heart-racing performance from the dance camp, it was the Theatre Camp i-Shiners time to shine, directed by coaches from Trumpets Playshop, they showcased their talents by enacting the popular fable "The Boy Who Cried, Wolf," it was indeed a splendid performance that made everyone applause.

Meanwhile, the little ballerinas melted the audience's hearts because of their frilly tutus and satin ballet shoes. Personally taught and led by Prima Ballerina Lisa Macuja-Elizalde of Ballet Manila, the little ballerinas demonstrated poise and grace with their smooth and delicate movements as they perform their routine in the tune of "Under The Sea" from The Little Mermaid and "How Far I'll Go" From Disney's Moana.

And last but not least, the members of the Music Camp, guided by National Artist, Maestro Ryan Cayabyab, they showcased their gift through a lively performance and instruments in perfect harmony as they perform the 2 new compositions that Maestro Ryan Cayabyab created for the said performance.

You can see all the parents, standing proud and loud supporting all the i-Shiners throughout the entire recital, it was really priceless to see the smile from all the kids and from all of us who attended and all the mentors who dedicated their time and energy and love to hone the future of all the i-Shiners.

Promil Four's i-Shine 7 Camps ran from April to May 2019. This year's camp locations expanded beyond Metro Manila with the addition of Batangas, Cebu, and Davao. Promil Four, as part of its commitment, continues to encourage parents to nurture their children's gifts, not only with expert guidance but also with proper nutrition. The New Promil Four's Nutrissentials are now made even better with Oligofructose, to help support proper growth and mental development.

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Aila Garcia said…
Good job Chelsea. Ang gagaling nila lahat proud mga mommies nyo for sure.,
Galing naman, ang saya nga panoorin ang anak natin habang nag papakita ng talent sa iba, sobrang nakakaproud..
Nice one bb Chelsea your mommy so proud of you
Jessica said…
Sarap tingnan ng mga bata! Nakaka proud bilang isa na active ang kids sa ganito! Ang galing naman ni ate chelsea! 😊
Jessica said…
Nakakaproud bilang isang Ina..
Nhet Mendoza said…
Ang galing ng camp na ito Ma. Malamang after nito uuweng mqy confident ang mga bata. Bukod sa social skills , confidence ang dami nilang matutunan kasi alam ko pag mga ganito malaki ang babayaran pero sulit naman bigatin at magagaling ang mga mentor.
Melanie Calosor said…
Wow proud of you little girl Chelsea good job to all kids
Wow ang galing 👏👏. Good job baby Chelsea sure ako proud na proud si momshie dhess sayo baby 😍
Aiza Gregorio said…
Good job kids.. Gagaling nyong lahat congratulations ate chelsea.. Ipagpatuloy mo lang yan 😊😊😘🎊
Ang gagaling ng mga bata... Super cute nila tingnan.. Mas lalo nila ma enhance yung mga talent nila at magiging confident sila paglaki kasi sa ay na sila humarap sa mga tao.. Galing!!!

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