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First-ever Kuya J Café offers a new way to chill

Craving for a cup of coffee?  Looking for a new hangout place to enjoy a warm cup of coffee and a variety of delicious Filipino comfort food? If so, you are most certainly in for a treat as the well-loved Filipino restaurant Kuya J just launched its first-ever Kuya J Café.

Located at Park Square in Makati City, the new Kuya J Café is where casual dining perfectly blends with the relaxing ambiance, perfect for any occasion, whether it's for your afternoon coffee craving or just feel the need of unwinding after a tiring day or a place to meet and catch up with your friends.

 "Kuya J Café offers the best of both worlds. Aside from specially brewed coffee and delicious pastries, we also serve the well-loved Kuya J signature dishes. It is a place where you can either sit back and take a sip of your go-to comfort drink or enjoy a sumptuous dinner with your family," says Francis Reyes, the chief financial officer of Kuya J Group.

The opening of the new Kuya J Café was a joyous celebration attended by several guests who all looked forward to tasting its newest offerings. Perennial heartthrob Jericho Rosales also graced the launch and led a motorcade that went around Park Square.

As the doors open to the public, Kuya J Café introduced its blends and brews. Every sip of the Kuya J Café House Blend will hit you with a tantalizing aroma and bold flavors that will blanket you with warmth and comfort. If you want to experience something new, you can try their sago’t gulaman coffee for that familiar sweet taste or their tablea coffee for a rich and chocolatey kick.

What’s more, Kuya J Café also offers more than just fresh coffee! You can indulge in their exclusive menu items like the light and fruity guava cake, the rich and delectable tablea cake, or the smooth and creamy salted egg cheesecake.

And that’s not all, you can also enjoy single servings of Kuya J’s best-sellers, like the Grilled Scallops, Beef Caldereta, and Chorizo Dinamitas to name a few. With all of this and more, Kuya J Café will surely offer you all of your favorites under one roof!

If you’ve had a long stressful day, discover a different dining experience and relaxation at Kuya J Cafe. For more information, check out, or follow Kuya J on its Facebook and Instagram accounts: @kuyajresto


Lovell Compoc said…
nakaka tempt ang Kuya J , andaming nakakaexcite itry na bago ��
Jessica said…
Pag ganito place at food ang makikita nkakawala ng stress tapos hangouts with friends saya. ��

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