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Fish Steak Recipe ( Milkfish )

Bangus or Milkfish is very popular because of the distinct taste of its meat and belly fat which melts in your mouth especially on how it compliments the ingredients on whatever dish that you made from it, may it be fried, with sauce or placed on a soup, you can never go wrong with it.

I love making different dishes using Bangus since this is my husband and daughter's favorite. With this same reason why I am meticulous whenever I buy Bangus, I make sure that it is fresh and I always buy it from my trusted vendors.

Not all the time our favorite fish is available, but there are no worries for me since I am sure that Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus is available at our favorite supermarkets and I can make sure that their products are packed fresh and also export-quality.

I am one of the satisfied consumers of their products and my family loves their Marinated Bangus especially my daughter who can eat almost one serving of it.

Aside from their Marinated Bangus, we also love their smoked Milkfish which has a very enticing aroma that will make you crave for every bite of it. They also have unseasoned Boneless Milkfish that you can use for your favorite Sinigang Recipe.

Fried Marinated Milkfish ( Dinaing na Bangus ) 

Sharing to you one of my grandma's recipe using milkfish.

Fish Steak 


* 1Whole MilkFish ( Bangus )

* 3 pcs. Red Onion ( Sibuyas)

 * 3 pcs. Ripe Tomatoes (Kamatis)

* 1/2 cup Clamansi Juice or 15 pcs. of Calamansi

*Bunch of Kintsay

*4 tbsp of SilverSwan Soy sauce

* Baguio Oil for frying

* Water

* Salt and Pepper


1. Linisan ang Bangus at hiwaan sa parteng likod. Pahiran ng asin.

2 . Hiwain ang sibuyas, Kamatis at Kintsay. Lagyan ng konting asin at paminta.

3. Kuhanin ang Bangus at ilagay ang kalahati ng pinagsamasama na Kamatis ,sibuyas at Kintsay sa loob ng Bangus.

4. Itabi ang natirang palaman

5. Gumamit ng frying pan or kawali. Maglagay ng sapat na mantika para iprito ang Bangus.

6. Iprito ang Bangus hanggang magluto o magbrown ang lab as. Itabi

7. I saute ang natirang palaman ( Kamatis,sibuyas at Kintsay ).Lutuin hanggang mating transparent. Ilagay ang toyo,isunod ang kalamasi juice,tubig at konting asukal.Pakuluin at ilagay ang Bangus. Lutuin pa ng 5 minuto..

8. Ilagay sa isang malinis na Plato at I serve kasabay ang maint na kanin.

Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus products offer Bangus that are pre-cooked, unseasoned, marinated and bottled, they also offer Fresh Frozen Export Products and other fresh frozen products like Cream Dory, Fresh Frozen Vannamei Shrimp, and Local Fish.

For more details about Sarangani Bay products  visit and for more recipe you can visit Kusina Sarangani.

For more of The Kitchen Mom adventure, you can visit my Instagram account @thekitchenmom and Facebook Page @TheKitchenMom and please do always visit my blog for more of my featured restaurants, new products, health, adventures and more at


Lovell Compoc said…
Masarap talaga yan Momsh marinated tapos may sawsawan pa.. Thanks for sharing the procedure. Good to know well packed and available sa market kasi minsan sa 2 palengke na malapit ay wala eto.

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